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Thread: Legalizing Drugs

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    Default Legalizing Drugs

    what are your people's takes on drugs? should they be allowed?
    an interesting thing i read in a medical journal was the up and coming of 'smart' drugs or the ability to study and retain all information you read or came in contact to while you were 'peaking'. should those be considered illegal like steroids being used for athletes since they would give the layman a leg up on the natural learner?
    also, do you think the legalization of all drugs would destroy the black market (gangs, corrupt governments, etc.)? would the world be better with more lax rules towards the "drug war" we've been fighting?

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    Well, marijuana should almost surely be legalized. It's really not any more harmful than alcohol. As long as it stays illegal, then it stays a so-called gateway drug. If it were legal, then it probably wouldn't be a gateway to anything because official sellers wouldn't have heroin, cocaine, etc... unlike street drug dealers. At least make it perfectly legal as a medicine.... it's cruel to not allow that...

    As for the other drugs.... I'm not sure. Maybe it would be a good idea. Most people that are going to try more harmful drugs would probably try them anyway, so the laws aren't really stopping them. On the other hand, if they were legal, then there would be a lot more heroin addicts on the streets.... which would be very bad, of course.

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    well all i'm thinking of is a way to stop people from being hurt on both sides of the fence. people are being hurt by buying up these drugs yet they leave it up to the dealer to trust them. the other side of it is we've spent over 20 years is it since regan declared a war on drugs and it has done nothing other than increase prices and make inner city streets more dangerous for kids.

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    I don't think drugs should be legalized at all...they're horrible. Marijuana isn't that bad but still should be illegal. From what I heard it is as harmful as 3 cigarettes, yet on the other hand I heard that it's an herb so its fine. So it confuses me. But I still think drugs should be illegal.

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    A 'smart drug', that would be cool. Sure would help with revision!

    I guess using that before an exam would be like using steroids before a race or something.
    Oh no, I'm going to have to pee into a cup before I take my exams now aren't I?

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    Oh gawd... the amount of dealers at universities if a "smart drug" was invented. >_<

    As for other drugs, I'm fairly indifferent. If people want to use them, then they can go for it. As long as it doesn't affect me, I don't care. Stay out of other people's life decisions.

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    Personally I never used any drug since A. I never wanted to. B. Never need to C. Seen other peoples lives become ^$*@ from the use of drugs (mainly my mothers life.)

    I really wouldn't care if weed was legal to maybe 2 oz per person who's over the age of 18 or 21. But if that did happen I would want a hefty tax on the stuff. But anyways the only thing I want to do with weed is watch the T.V. show "Weeds". And I only watch that since its a good comedy/drama nearly making fun of everything in its wake.

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    If marijuana is legalized, then pot heads will have nothing to complain about ~ Daniel Tosh (not the complete quote)...Pot might as well be legalized, since so many people get it anyway...Even just this morning, some of my friends were talking about getting high this weekend and stuff...(I feel like I'm one of the only people at my school that don't drink/do drugs...)

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    there are already smart drugs all they really do is increase blood flow to the brain.
    scroll down to last category for smart drugs most of them are legal.

    as for legalization as i stated in my legalization thread:

    Pot should be made legal and taxed like tobacco(by the way is way worse than tobacco whoever said the 3 cigarettes things)(cannabis inhibits cancer cells)

    Lsd should also be legal.

    md* should be legal in all its form except pma as long before x was illegal it was used for couples therapy under the name empathy and one session on empathy was said to be equal to around a year of therapy.

    Opiates(cocaine,heroin) should be rescheduled(not necessarily legalized)

    Mushrooms should be legalized

    all the research chemicals we have made up until now should be tested to determine their use and value then scheduled based on that.

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    The problem with legalizing drugs like marijuana is in driving, and cops can't smell it on your breath like alcohol. I almost killed myself and my college roommate by driving stoned. Plus, if it was legal, I'd probably be stoned all the time instead of never. As for LSD, you can overdose and never come back. I've seen it a number of times. I lived my young life in the underground, drugs, sexual crazyness, etc. and I've seen incredible harm. These people will also harm you. Have you ever met someone one meth who's been tripping for a long time. They can be very dangerous. Same thing with crack and coke. Drugs was another thing that caused my mom to take me to the shrink when I was in college, so laws hinder the idiots like myself, and help us from killing ourselves so that we can grow up into adults. I barely made it. Personally, I would outlaw cigarettes as well. Then I would outlaw all of the people who disagree with me. O.k., just kidding there. There are too many politicians and religious leaders who are willing to do that.

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