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Thread: How do you get to the flashchat?

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    Default How do you get to the flashchat?

    I feel so stupid right now, but I have no idea how to get to flashchat. I've been in it before. Umm... How do you get in it?

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    look at the top of the page and look for "live chat" click on that to get a pull down menu. Click on the FlashChat option and you're there!!

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    Click the Live Chat tab at the top.

    Click FlashChat.


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    hhhhhmmmmmmmmm... Maybe your Internet is broke... As the people in India always say, "Have you tried restarting your computer?"

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    Here's proof that it's not there:

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    You also don't have the Invite Friends listing either.

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    Try clicking the ringed button:
    [[removed image]]

    The red lines are where the things you are missing are...

    I have no idea why it's not there...
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    I'd take this one to Moo-kins, there's possibly been an error when you joined and your account has had the priveledges incorrectly set - Happens from time to time, especially when a forum like this one is in delta stages.

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