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Thread: What would this count as

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    Question What would this count as

    I noticed that I'm not quite a bed wetter, however, several times per month, nearly once a week, I accidently pee a little bit on my bed, however this hardly any pee at all, leaving a very small stain that barely leaves my boxers. However, I also peed quite a puddle several times, but far from this often, usually less than once a month - most likely just several times a year. So my question is, what is causing this, what does this count as, and is this a valid excuse to wear diapers ?

    PS: I know that recently there was a similar topic but I didn't want to bump it up and this is a different case.

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    I would say that it might be caused by stress if it is only occurring once a week or a few times a month. Get a mattress protector so you don't end up accidently ruining your mattress. As to a valid excuse to wear diapers, you could use this, but in my opinion this would more then likely not help the problem. But none the less you would get to wear and I guess you would enjoy that much?

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    Getting a mattress protector instead of diapers is exactly what I DON'T want
    But yeah, I remember that I noticed that I had actually peed myself (not majorly) several times on the week that I had exams.... but I seriously didn't see the connection :P

    So let me get this straight: it isn't really a valid excuse?

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    When I started to "wet my bed" on purpose to try to get diapers I got the matress protector and I was like "really?" then it was mentioned to the doctor and I had to tell the doctor when Mom was gone that I wasn't really wetting the bed. I came out to my parents shortly after that, and with that I did get diapers and my mom was relieved that I was not wetting the bed, but with telling them i got the councelor trips to try and see if I was OK in the head or whatever.

    i know your situation is slitely different but a way to get them could be to tell your mom that this is happening and ask for them as a solution. it could work but there may definitely be a doctors appointment for you if you go that route.

    I had a pretty good expierence with my folks and telling them you can evaluate what your parents might think about all this better than any of us but if you dont have a car or the ability to order online you might have to go through your folks.

    I think it is a valid reason to wear diapers but if you have to go through your parents you have to get them to think it is a valid reason.

    either way it is an inconvience for you and the possible solutions are that of any bedwetter: matress cover, alarm, diapers, or just washing the sheets. it is once a week and if you think Diapers will give you the peace of mind to sleep better then you can try explaining that to your folks.

    My situation with my parents is better than most though so I may not make a good model.
    Good Luck and Keep us posted on what you Decide to do

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    Nah, I already have a history of liking stuff like this when I was still a kid (last time I remembered I mentioned something was before I was 10), and I wouldn't shut my mouth until I realized that this is not normal, and I kinda forgot about it for a while, until recently. However I highly doubt my parents forgot about this! But still, I am NOT wetting the bed on purpose, however I have a feeling that this isn't a form of incontinence, however just my body reacting to stress - not something a doctor will pick up on blood test or whatever :P

    If I tell them, the whole family will know, my big brother's friends will make fun of me, my mom will use me as an example for my little brother, and my dad will think that I'm still immature enough to do some stuff. And, all I will get is a mattress cover.

    I think I'll just keep this as an (valid) excuse in case my parents find my diapers.
    But thanks anyway. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Sorry if I'm totally wrong here but there is a chance I may be right. Have you gone through puberty yet? Again sorry but I can't tell your age. If you're not sure what I mean then be sure to google male puberty to understand what I'm talking about and what happens to your body.

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    No, this has been happening for like quite a while, most likely as long as I can remember...

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    Well it isn't a REAL reason to wear diapers I wish my incontinence was only once a week at night. But I also understand that diapers are a comfort thing among most of the people here and if they help you sleep better, why not?

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    Well, yeah, that is kinda my point, but that still isn't gonna convince my parents...

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    If you can pay for them yourself and it makes you more comfortable go ahead and wear diapers. Its just like you bought yourself a new shirt or pair of shoes.

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