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Thread: Diapers with roomates....

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    Default Diapers with roomates....

    I plan to go to college in another year. I am not sure if I will have a roomate. What do I do if i have a roomate. I do not know how to store/access my stash. I can keep 1, or 2 i my laptop and then change into one in a restroom. The problem is that I do not know how to store a case and take out one or two at a time. I was thinking I could just keep my stash in my car's trunk. Problem is that I do not know if I will be able to bring my car freshman year. What do i do?

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    you get a foot locker, a trunk that you can lock and put it on the end of your bed. I bet you find once you get into the swing of things at college, that your free time for diapers is few and far between.

    I know it is tough going from being able to wear when you want to having to wear around somebody's schedule so you don't get caught..... I was the same way. What helped for me, is I took all the diaper thoughts and fantasies i had and wrote stories. That seemed a way i could get the diaper urges out.... that and I went home every weekend and basically wore from the time i got home till the time i left on sunday night

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    Do you know what college you are going to? If so check out there web page & join one of the freshmen forums groups & ask for all the details.

    Could you possibly tell the college that you are IC & you ether need a single? Most likely would cost more so might not be an option. Or maybe they could match you up with a roommate that is understanding due to a handicap? I know at the college I work at during the student interview questions are asked like sleeping & eating habits, If they are neat freaks or messy & so on so they can get them matched up with roommates they will be able to live with happily. Not sure how open you are with it all & there would be a good chance your parents would find out too. Also have to consider that the bathrooms are usually at the end of the dorm hall & depending on the time of day could be full of other students. I know there are others here going to college so hopefully they can be more help to you than I can.

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    I don't know from first hand how it works with roommates, but I think you will get a closet or something similair to putt your stuff in, and you should be able to wear in absence of your roommate or when he is there, but you whould have to be very very careful.

    EDIT: There was already a topic on this, I think

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    There are about 3 topics on this with extensive info in each. However, I would suggest one of those army foot locker type things. Go to an army surplus store, build one, find one on craigslitst, etc.

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    I personally would not wear in a 10x10 dorm room with another person there. You will get caught.

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    Give it time and you'll find a way to wear diapers. Be chill about it until you get there and get it figured out. I wore them all of the time and if anyone did find out I never heard about it. You'll figure out which bathrooms never get used and when your roomates come and go and which classes you can wear them too and not get discovered. You'll be surprised at what you can get away with once you're out of your parents house and on your own. Can yo get a locker in the school gym and put a lock on it with your stash in there? Use a forum like ADISC and find someone in your local area that you can trust to share a little more area with so that you don't have to keep it in a confined dorm room. Best of luck.

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    If you're going to wear diapers overnight, make sure you wear something that prevents crinkling... I speak from my own sad, sad experience.

    Or get cloth ones.

    Note: I mean to say the disposable cloth-like ones. I don't think actual cloth diapers would work for a dorm environment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by molicareak View Post
    You'll be surprised at what you can get away with once you're out of your parents house and on your own. Can yo get a locker in the school gym and put a lock on it with your stash in there?
    May or may not work. Most gyms use mesh-front lockers to allow airflow and keep them from getting moldy/smelly; they're meant to prevent theft, not for privacy. And very few gyms will let you store things in a locker longer than you're using the gym. If the staff at any of the gyms I've used noticed a lock on a locker for more than a few days, they'd use bolt cutters to remove it.

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    It was one of probably a hundred good suggestions. My college let us keep lockers with locks and you could store the diapers in a bag that conceals them. I might be weird but I didn't stress too much about this. I had several roomates find out about my diapers and luckily nothing came of it. I think there is such a taboo against adults wearing diapers that most folks are going to be embarresed for you and thus not say anything. I think we (AB/DLs) tend to be too cautios and if we knew how few people noticed us wearing diapers we wouldn't be so paranoid. I wear weekly and have rarely been in an uncomfortable situation.

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