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Thread: Can a baby diaper fit me?

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    Default Can a baby diaper fit me?

    Im 14
    weight 37kg
    height 159.9 cm
    not sure about waist but about 27 inch?

    wad brand of baby diapers i can fit in. besides crusiers size7( my country doesnt sell it)
    i was thinking of Pampers Active Baby ( largest size ) XL i think.
    can it fit me? Serious answers pls

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    Libero size 7.

    I'd go for a tena slip small. Thats going to be much better with your larger bladder than a baby diaper.

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    I live in singapore so I sun think they sell that

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    What do they sell in Singapore that would fit you (in your opinion,at least),then?

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    Dude, if medium sized baby diapers fit me, and my waist is 35 inches, I'm sure any medium, large or even small/todler diapers will fit you, however most likely very tightly. Can't you just buy drynites/goodnites? I'm sure they sell them there!

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