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Thread: Does anyone else

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    Default Does anyone else

    I mastrabate to diaper storys...
    and when i cum i completly lose intrest for awhile and immeditly shut down the story
    anyone else the same?

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    *Raises hand* Me...But I lose interest after I masturbate to anythi

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    I think it's very common, for guys to loose intrest right after, but a few hours later your back at it, or thinking about it.

    We(as guys) have a very short attention span, we are always searching for something new, and new ways of getting off...

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    *Raises Hand too* but I dont loose intrest that fasts, just give me a couple of secs and I be readly to go again.
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    Not into "diaper stories" personally, but I can identify with the losing interest right away thing.

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    Depends on my state of mind. If I regress quite well, I don't masturbate - If I partially regress, I do SOMETIMES, and if I don't regress?


    Lets say you get the idea. ^_~

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    its very common to loss interest or get depressed right after ejaculation, it happens to me all the time. Its all part of the "rise, climax, decline" process of ejaculation.

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    Your body pretty much turns off after ejaculation due to the chemicals released into your body. Endorphins and what not pumping through your body are enough to say "Dude...Enough is enough for now."

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    Must be because of the happiness you get during the short peroid, then you crash back down like energy drinks.

    I believe I just took what you said and restated it. Oh well.

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