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Thread: 'Sup peeps!

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    Cool 'Sup peeps!

    I am daipe, it is pronounced like dieape or diape... you should get the idea :P

    Honestly, I'd just like to say that I am very concerned about my privacy over here since I don't want anyone finding out

    since my parents would go ape. If you see something that looks suspicious, it is because I will pay an extreme

    amount of attention to not let out any personal details, or at least keep them vague so that they could not relate to me


    I like diapers. No, let me rephrase that. I LOVE diapers! Like really love 'em. Don't quite know why, but it feels awesome

    and every single time I think of them, I get sexual feelings (you won't ban me for saying this, will you?). And I also am

    somewhat a TeenBaby, however I don't enjoy much more than sucking on a paci or something... It isn't that I just suddenly

    started loving them, no, it was since I stopped using them at an early age that I wanted to use them again. At first, my

    parents ignored this since I was still a kid, however later I realized that this wasn't something I can get away with if I

    discuss it with them.

    I found this (effin' amazing) website through google, and since then I have looked all over the place, reading a load of

    topics (to the point that I know that I have to delete the cookies to continue looking, or just open a new tab in the

    incognito mode of google chrome) an have done a lot of thinking about the people here. I have also noted that this website

    is exceptional in terms of where forums stand, with very neat and polished features. Compared to other forums I use (no, I

    am not quite a noob at this, and I am already on the staff of some forums), this forum is pleasantly active, but not

    overactive to the point that you can't follow what is happening.I also first discoverd the littlefur or whatever you call

    it amongst yourselves, on this website, and I'm still not quite sure what that consists of!

    Apart from liking diapers and stuff, I enjoy watching movies and tv shows on my computer - I have already filled 2, and a

    third one is halfway, harddrives with movies and tv shows - as well as chat with friends on fb. Apart from that, I use my

    PC for downloads, some light blog reading (i.e. a very famous tech blog that first showed the new iphone). Oh, and I also

    use it to try and get american websites such as Hulu to work overseas. Non technology wise, I bike my arse off in the

    summer, by biking around town with friends and also I love going down hill. During winter, I love several sports... however

    I usually don't get much oppertunity to practice them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Did you like... manually double space everything?

    welcome tot he site your name reminds me of how rugrats said it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Did you like... manually double space everything?
    Oooups! Well I guess this isn't a very good first impression! But that was because I typed it up in notepad - and then I was shocked when I couldn't find the edit button!!

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC.
    That was a very good introduction in my opinion, even if it was only half as long as it looked. XD
    I would suggest burning movies to CD/DVD, that way you always have them, but don't have to waste room on your computer(s) on things you might only watch every once in a while.
    One pack of 20 DVD-R gives you a whole 94 gigs of hard drive freedom! ^_^

    By the way, I always use InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer. I don't know a heck of a lot about Chrome, but InPrivate always works for me.

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    Heh, thanks!
    However even if I used the cheapest DVDs I can get here, it would still be cheaper per terabyte to just buy a hard drive for 85$ than a bunch of spindles all together costing at least 100$, and that is for the crappy quality ones. Plus, since I download everything in HD, I sometimes wont even be able to fit the whole movie onto a single DVD xD!
    Oh, and using Internet Explorer is kinda lame... no offense. You gotta try chrome - after I started using it as my main, and now only browser, I laugh at how I thought that firefox was fast :P!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Yah I've heard that Chrome is good (and I've tried it before) but really, I'm happy with my good ol' faithful Firefox 3.6.6, it has never let me down in the 4 years of always having it on my laptop.

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    For me, when Chrome didn't exist yet, Firefox crashed at LEAST once a day XD

    So far, I've been using Chrome for over a year and I can count how many times it crashed on my fingers :p!

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    My setup:
    One pack of Memorex DVD-R (50) = $10.00 USD <---- 235 GB
    One CD/DVD case (Holds 64) = $9.00 USD

    I'd really like to find a 240GB hard drive for $19.00! ^_^

    That still doesn't solve the problem with them not fitting on DVDs though. Do you download DvdRips or ISOs Lol?

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    Never DVD Rips, mostly BDRips (anything from 2 to 15 gb) or HDTV rips (not the 700mb ones but the 1-2 gb ones). And DVDs cost way more than that in my country, but another factor is that I don't trust them for ! I mean, if you buy the cheap ones, 1 out of 2 wont work, and if you buy the expensive ones you will waste more money.

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