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Thread: How to deal with chafing?

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    Default How to deal with chafing?

    First diaper thread in a while. o_o

    The situation: wet Bambino. I can barely walk because of how much it's chafing, and I haven't done that much walking around since I put the thing on. It's annoying. I tried applying a little bit of petroleum jelly to the area where it was chafing the most, and it helped temporarily, but doesn't seem to be a lasting solution.

    What do you guys do to deal with chafing and the other uncomfortable bits of diaper wearing?


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    I always apply baby lotion, and use powder. The lotion forms a barrier between the skin and urine. The powder reduces friction. If you are chafing on parts of the diaper itself, you may want to adjust where you tape it, or consider a different size.

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    I've found that something like Eucerin lotion works really well too.

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    I like a diaper a size larger than I "need." Leak guards are a necessity. Then I use powder where the diaper meets my legs. Too, I avoid running any marathons when I'm diapered....come to think of it, I avoid running marathons at all.

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    sorry, but I've never had this problem, and I hope I never do.

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    Powder and lots of it. Is what seems to always work for me.

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    I use a little J&J powder and that's it. Most chafing problems I have are around the leg gathers and are almost always caused by improper fit/wrong cut for me, or a diaper that is too tight.

    There are some diapers I just can not wear even though they fit well, no matter how loose I try to tape them I still end up with the 'red rings of hell'.

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    Where exactly is it chaffing? This sounds more then just a little chaffing issue if its so painful you can't walk :X. Is it only when wet as well?

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