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    Can someone please help me?! I want to try Bambinos but, I really don't want to buy a sample pack to check my size. I have heard that Bambino's size on their packaging is different from what they really are. I have a 35 inch waist. Should I go with mediums or large?

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    Medium. when i had a few more pounds on me I was a 36 and they fit fine on me. the tapes wont be all the way in the middle but they arent off to the far sides either they are in a good spot but if you are going for that I want to feel little feeling you might want to try the large.

    you will enjoy the mediums though and they will fit just fine on you

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    Definitely go with the Medium ones, I ordered Bambinos once (medium, although I think small will fit better on me) and only ordered medium because I was afraid that Small might have been too small. But considering that you are older than me the medium will fit you fine ^_^.

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    I have a 34 waist and I got the medium sample pack and they fit me vary good. I really like the bambinos.

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