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Thread: So. I think everyone's thinking it, but let's be honest...

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    Default So. I think everyone's thinking it, but let's be honest...

    How many of us are perverts? I mean big ones. I know for a lot of us, this is just a forum to talk and receive support, but for a lot of us, it's more perverted than that. Some of us are both here to talk, and for more. Whatever, we're mostly all accepted.

    I was going to have the poll answers viewable to the public, but I decided against it.

    Personally, I'm a huge pervert. Not going to hide it. If I could, I would totally hit on adisc-going women in my area. I decided to be more noble than that though, especially since I believe there's only one, and she's a bit underage if I recall right.

    I don't think there's something like this posted, at least lately. I should have done a search, I realize that, but I'm pretty sure my random scanning would have noticed. Even if we do have one, I didn't see one with a poll.

    Regardless. This isn't so much meant to discuss things, so much as to see how much of us are sick pervs. Or regular pervs. Whatever.

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    We wear diapers and most of us fap to diapers. We're all perverts.

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    well it depends on what you consider pervy. having sex? i dont consider that pervy. hitting on people in a dignified manor? i dont consider that pervy. looking at porn? i dont consider that pervy. i consider all the above mentioned activities as perfectly natural.
    what do i consider pervy? well leering over women/ men, using avatars as porn, not keeping your sexuality in check (Like all you want to talk about is wacking off in diapers or whatever, you need a bit of control man).

    so by my own standards no im not a perv, some of the things im into may be considered perverted but i dont think that makes me a perv.

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    That would depend upon your definition of "pervert". I definitely possess some weird fetishes, but I would never force anyone else to be involved in them at all (either directly or just as an observer). Alternatively, I do not hide my appreciation of hentai, which is essentially Japanese for "pervert" (although the word isn't used to describe what Westerners call "hentai").

    So, you tell me

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    Errrr.... no. I may have a bunch of so-called fetishes, but I'm really not that interested in sex at all (it kinda scares me). Even things that "turn me on" are moreso for the emotions attached to them rather than the sexual feelings. I mean yeah, there may be sexual feelings (as that's part of being human) but I don't particularly like that. I wish I could take the emotions and leave the sexual feelings. (Also, I theorize my feelings about sex may have something to do with my unhappiness toward being male). I am also quite shy as well.

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    For undisclosed reasons, I will say:

    Fuck yeah. (Don't ask. I know I am, and I probably always will be. It's something I'd prefer to keep within my creepy little soul.)

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't think of myself as particularly perverted. My forms of sexual expression harm no one, nor do they trespass upon another's free will.

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    The diaper thing, for me, is just part of a much larger power/dom/bondage fetish. I guess there's a lot of people out there who'd think that stuff is perverted. Everybody's perverted in one way or another. It's part of being human!
    I could give you a shopping list of all the stuff I get off to, but it might take some time.
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