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    Erm, hi. The website kinda told me off for being registered without posting this long, so here's me getting out of lurker status introducing myself.

    Gender - M
    Age - 20
    Nationality - UK

    Currently at university halfway through an engineering degree. Avid gamer and obsessive geek/nerd on the side. Play WoW quite a lot and a few other fps/rts/rpg 's, and plenty of the titles on Steam that get 75% seasonal reductions.

    I've had infantilist side-thoughts for a number of years now, but it was only in the past few months at uni when I plucked up the courage and had the privacy to go try on some diapers. Tried out the large sizes of Drynites and Underjams in both genders so far, and yeah, I can definitely attest to what people say about what a ~32 inch waist does to the UJ's, lawl. I kinda have a desire to try out getting a sleeper in the near future, probs one from these guys, but otherwise it's just a discrete life of occasionally wearing some pullups instead of boxers.

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    Hey, welcome to the forum . I've just gone on a massive spending splurg on steam myself, damn them and their offers! Will never finish all the games I've got :X.
    I do suggest getting a something a little, thicker, then pullups, like abena x-pluses, or even cuddlz :P.

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    welcome to the site, not on here very long myself but it seems pretty cool. As loopy says something a bit thicker is the way forward and how about a onesie, i got one and love it, i feel soooooooooo babish wearing it

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