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Thread: Things to do with your Caretaker?

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    Default Things to do with your Caretaker?

    Alright me and my fiancee are switches. (She's my baby/mommy and I'm her baby/daddy) And she's coming back from her vacation soon. She's been gone for like two months... ANYWAYS We miss one another and on top of that we miss every aspect of our relationship. So we planned on taking turns. We are gonna take 2 days to be babies. I think I'm up first.... not sure. Anyways that's besides the point. What I'm posting is for ideas/ activities we can do together. I have tenalips and goodnites so I'm gonna be a toodler and try a potty training thing I saw around here. Along with my paci and stuff you know the usual baby fair.

    We also planned on going to Toy's R Us while I was diapered to buy me a toy, and then go to a store to get me a sippy cup and a new bottle for me. ^^ We are gonna spend most of the day in her apartment alone so very little distractions and what not. We also have a Dog Together so we can mess around with her.... Oh and Coloring book and crayons is also involved.... But not much else...

    Anyways Just wondering what other stuff we can do? We have literally no other responsibilities for these days. So we are going all out before college starts. Y_Y And since we haven't seen one another in a long time my parents won't be all that concerned. Ya know? XP So yeah what have some of you guys done with your caretakers?

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    Hi dragsnick

    I am not sure what activities you can do together as i have only been a relationship with my girlfriend for about 3 weeks and we are switches too. In too weeks she is going to be my baby and were going on holiday to the beach and do some things there, just chill and enjoy the scenery.

    How about going to see a movie i was planning to do that with my girlfriend aswell.

    Im sure you can find something to do or even just enjoy each others company.

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    not sure if the bottle thing included this but, have her bottle/feed you?

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    Something I am going to try next time I am with my diaper friend is reading a book with her cradled in my lap.

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    hehe, I looove reading my little girl stories and giving her a bottle ( i like this just as much for myself
    when she's the baby I like to hold her hand and lead her where ever we're going too, I like it because it makes me feel more little when she does it to me, so I try to do the same for her
    another thing I find fun, its cooking with her, set her on the stool by the stove and let her "help" by getting things for daddy or just making a mess
    bath times are fun too we have some baby bubble bath that smells amaaaazing splashing mommy is a very fun game
    a fresh diaper after a bath just feels nice too, especially just before laying down to watch some disney movies or play with the animals
    get creative its always fun, try anything that makes you feel little on her and she'll probably pick up on it and reciprocate

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    hmmmm.... other than whats listed
    general cuddling
    dont let your baby make any choices (i find it more relaxing)

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    have you tryed forced bondage, now im not refering to exsteems here. but only letting the be changed at set times after thay have sufficetnly used.

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    I agree with boch, you could totally try some cute bottle feeding, and maybe tie in some light bondage with it. You could make little games, where you have to do what mommy said until you get your reward (be it coloring, playing with the dog, bottle, etc.).
    Or you could take a trip to the park and maybe have a picnic!

    Just a few suggestions :]

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    I like these. Thanks ^^ But mommy already bottle feeds me... but going to the park is pretty awesome. I'm probably gonna do that.

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    You're a lucky man.

    You should probably talk this one out first but this is basically what's going on in my mind.

    The main idea is that while she was gone your girlfriend "changes". She is now a strict disciplinarian (but still a kind and caring mommy if that makes sense basically think tough love but "tough" being strict) and it's her duty to potty train you. Some light spanking, teasing and bondage can be incorporated into this. For example for peeing your diapers you might get some light/medium spanks with the bare hand or other implement. She can also tease your "small" "wee wee" and go for the humiliation route too. You can also be cuffed to the potty or to the bathroom, maybe get a dog leash or something and tie it to a point in the bathroom so that you can't leave it until you finish going potty.

    As for going out that's a great idea and I would do that as well if I had the guts but sadly I don't. I would do it if it was just us acting like "regular" folks but both of us knowing the toy was for one of us but otherwise I'd be way too scared to go with diapers underneath my clothes (at the most I could go in those bed wetting underwear but otherwise no).

    Maybe you can also do some sort of breast feeding thing. I'm not sure if your girlfriend lactates or anything but if not then how about making some sort of artificial breast with a "nipple" and filling it with formula or something. Think something like a camelbak water "bladder" filled with milk, from there you need a nipple so take the nipple from a sippy cup or baby bottle and somehow figure out a way to rig it there. Then just set it in a way that it's on her chest and seemingly like a breast. You can even do the same thing too if she wants to try breastfeeding. It's all just roleplaying anyways.

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