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Thread: Favorite Beer?

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    Default Favorite Beer?

    So i found a thread from back in 2009 dealing with this subject. But it was quite old and was not able to post in it. So i thought i would bring this discussion back to the top.

    Here in the PNW we are blessed with lots of micro brews to choose from and for me my favorite beer has to be the Rogue Hazelnut Brown or a Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

    Granted now i don't drink all that often. Maybe once a month at most. But when i am in the mood for a beer those are my two go to drinks.

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    Bleh, beer is yuck. :\

    That being said, I have had some amazing homemade wine before...

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    officially im under 21 =no alcohol
    unofficially i cant stand beer its nasty and vile but if i had to choose one i pick heineken
    i prefer a nice jack daniels yes i know old person drink but i i like the burn on the way down

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    Always has been Corona. But I only drink it in private because everyone in Canada is convinced (CONVINCED) that it's a wuss beer. I honestly can't mention Corona without getting an earful. So I default to Canadian at home, and Keith's at the bar.

    Also, I'd like to take this moment to show my appreciation to beer: <3 beer.

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    Ohhhh.... that's like asking favorite band, or favorite song. There are so many good one's to choose from, and it can change depending on mood, weather, and what I'm doing.

    Almost any fresh microbrew on tap will be very good, and better than most bottled beer, but if you're going to limit it to branded, bottled beverage, here's a few to think about in no particular order:

    New Glarus IPA, Sam Adams Scotch Ale, Michelob American Ale (surprisingly good for a mass market product), almost anything by Goose Island, and mowing the lawn on a blazing hot summer day, there's nothing better than a frosty Pilsner Urquell.

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    An ice cold one on a hot summers day. I love micro brews & cannot stand what has become the "American standard" beer like bud EWWWWWWWWWW. No flavor what so ever. I love the darker brews that have a nice body of flavor. They opened up a beer distributor near my house that has over 1,700 beers from all over the world. It takes me almost an hour to pick out a six pack when ever I go in that place XD

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    Usually Canadian, recently there's been Coors lying around. Budweiser gets you a beating around my house.

    Also, there's plenty of vodka lying around. Caramilk flavoured... something in the fridge. Tequila Rose is nice once in a while.

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    Mine is Moosehead with Corona being a close second.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Always has been Corona. But I only drink it in private because everyone in Canada is convinced (CONVINCED) that it's a wuss beer. I honestly can't mention Corona without getting an earful.
    I don't really have this problem since my dad and my brother are both fond of Corona so I can drink it at my house with no one caring. I have had friends give me crap over drinking Corona though.

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    The two I've particularly liked are:

    Surly Furious (a "crimson-hued ale" that's freaking delicious and hoppy without being bitter).
    Magic Hat Black Winter Lager (very odd combination of a lighter lager and a darker, more flavorful stout).

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    My favorites are Coors (regular, not light), Corona, and the dark beer (their own) from a German restuarant in Chicago called the Berghoff (also available on the United and American concourses at O'Hare Airport in Chicago.

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