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    Default Hello from dl in Ohio

    First I would like to thank everyone as I enjoy reading the posts on this site.
    I have been dl for as long as I can remember, and that's a long time.
    There was only cloth diapers and rubber pants when I was growing up, how ever I enjoy wearing both cloth diapers with rubber or plastic pants and disposable diapers.
    The first disposable diapers I purchased (bp, before pampers), were made more like a disposable under pad and required pins. that's about all I can remember about them.
    I was an occasional bedwetter, but only remember being diapered for that one time at my grandparents.
    Like many of you I read about I looked for and experimented with any thing I could find to make and wear diapers when ever I could.
    The first real plastic pants I purchased were the Empire super size baby pants from Kreskee, and the first adult plastic pants were from Wards and Penneys.
    Rubber pants, all the way from England, from an add I found in Better Homes and Gardens ( no compuers and internet then), and then later out of the same magazine J K Perfect Persona Products supplied both plastic, and rubber pants, and cloth diapers.
    And then, and then, the computer, and internet, and OMG, I'm not the only one!
    I don't know how much my parents and brothers may know about interest in and using diapers as I have never told them.
    I think my mother has found some of my diapers and dad may have found some of my used experiments.
    My younger brother wet almost every night into his teens and that may have helped provide some cover for me, how ever my parents did not put him in dipaers. Yes I wished I was the bedwetter and put in diapers.
    Today many years and many diapers later, I think this is a curse but I am stuck with it and I wear diapers every night and some days. I also have some baby things like onsie, footed sleepers, shortall.
    I enjoy meeting other people who are into diapers, the association for me helps bring some peace of mind knowing I'm not alone and hope I can do the same for them.
    Thank You: Don

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    Welcome to another Ohioan. There seem to be several of us on here, now. Someone ought to start an Ohio Group sometime - I'm just saying.

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    I am down near columbus too, I am looking at holding a party this fall when it is cooler, the place i use for holding parties does not have AC, so it would be too hot and unbearable now....... We'd have babies running around in nothing but diapers cause they are hot, not to mention cranky LOL!

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