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    Edit: I have typed too much and I can't scroll down through the text and edit this post on this iPod that I typed this up in. Sorry for the typos.

    I'm starting this topic in search of advice from those who also suffer from this same problem. Falling asleep. I don't really have trouble staying asleep but on a good night I can fall asleep between 30 minutes to an hour. An hour to an hour and a half is normal for me. In the summertime it gets even worse when there are no responsibilities for me in the morning. Ill find myself up all night very easily. There are nights where I choose to stay up late but I have even stayed up the whole night lying in bed trying to sleep the whole night. I'd listen to music for 30-40 minutes then try to sleep again only to get bored out of my mind 2-3 hours later. So I'll try some more music again. Then I repeat this till the sun comes up and exhaustion finally works it's way into my system.
    It's just really annoying that getting to sleep has been a huge effort for me my whole life. I evny those who can jump into bed and sleep within 10 minutes. That never happens to me. I'll sometimes take over the counter sleep aids very rarel if I need to get up for something in the morning or to attempt to reset my body's clock by falling asleep early like at 1 am.
    I just can't shut down at night. In college I'll need to get up at 8 am while my roommate can sleep in till 11 so he'll be up later doing work or procrastinating. Even if I'm running on less than 4 hours of sleep it is a great battle to fall asleep if he is still up (same room dorm life). Getting to sleep before him rarely happens even under these circumstances. It was tough getting him to adjust to leaving the room or finishing his work in time so that I can fall asleep at a reasonable time.

    I know that this is not a natural problem for me that'll just go away. I've given it way too much time for that to happen. It has definitally hurt my grades in high school and college. It has fueled my growing depression. Do you think it is just a symptom of depression? Or can it be a disorder of it's own?

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    set a bedtime, diaper up around that time, lay down. If you must have the TV on, try to turn it on a digital music channel.... they usually are dim video and just sound, turn the tv down and put the sleep timer on. Now what i do is lay in bed and play a diaper story out in my head, or just roll over and hug my plushie. You body knows you are tired, it is your brain that wants to keep the party going all night.

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    Hard physical exercise can do the trick. It does for me anyway.

    Run 10 or 15 miles, ride 50 hard, or both. If you can do that and stay awake past 9pm, you're a better man than I

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    I seem to be like this almost every night, and it is also really starting to ruin my sleep pattern. I seem to be getting closer an closer to being constantly almost-late.

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    Exercise definitely works but it's hard to keep up with that consistently. I walk around a lot daily but only a hard exhausting excercise routine can really affect my sleepiness at night. I've taken up a personal trainer at my the local gym with my best friend for the summer to build some muscle and sometimes that isn't even enough to let me drift to sleep comfortably at night. I shouldn't have to push myself like an athelete every day just to sleep well at night. Although some excersise does help since almost all of my all-nighter sessions happen when I didn't get out of the house that day.

    During the school year this problem isn't as bad since I'm on a tight schedule to get everything done. But it is still very noticable. Most people can just fall into a routine naturally but my mind and body is always pushing me to stay up later and later. It doesn't help that I have friends that like to just hang out all night and sleep at sunrise. I'm not that concerned that I am out of normal sleeping hours in the summer until I find myself unable to sleep at all the whole night. It's boring lying there in bed with nothing to do but repeat your music and suppress complex thought all night long. But like I said this isn't a passing phase for me, I always get this problem every summer.

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    This has been happening to me this summer, not my whole life, just recently.

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    This may sound like the stupidest advice you've ever heard, but I've given it to many, many people who have trouble falling asleep. So far, I haven't heard of one person it didn't work for.
    Here it is:
    The song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
    I think it has something to do with the repetitive nature of this song, and also the "counting sheep" aspect as well.
    My method:
    1) As soon as you lay down to go to sleep, make yourself as comfortable as possible, and start the song.
    2) Try and keep an even, slow tempo, often your breathing or heartbeat can be a good metronome.
    3) Do whatever you can to NOT open your eyes if at all possible. A common mistake for people with trouble getting to sleep is to open your eyes every so often to look at the clock.
    4) If you start loosing track of the song, *gently* try to pick it up again. (Don't try too hard! See next step)
    5) Most importantly, when you feel yourself loosing the track of the song, and can't remember where you were last with very little mental effort, LET YOURSELF GO. (You may have to try it to know what I mean)
    Basicly, don't spend mental energy racking your brains to remember what number you were at. When you start loosing count, forgetting the song, ect, just let your mind go whatever it wants to from there.

    I know this sounds really bizarre, even to myself reading it, but I spent years having difficulty getting to sleep, (A.D.D. medication) and I can vouch for how amazingly well this works. I really hope this helps, I know how bad it feels to not be able to get to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descolada View Post
    This may sound like the stupidest advice you've ever heard, but I've given it to many, many people who have trouble falling asleep. So far, I haven't heard of one person it didn't work for.
    Here it is:
    The song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
    This is just crazy enough to work. I think it's more about essentially using it as a meditation aid than anything magical about the song. I tend to sleep pretty easily but my approach when troubled is similar if not involving a song. It's a matter of trying to very gently push thoughts out of your mind and let everything be calm and quiet. Sleep typically follows if I can successfully clear things out.

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