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Thread: What animal are you quiz

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    Default What animal are you quiz

    The Animal in You Personality Test

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    I got:
    1) wild dog
    2) wolf
    3) sheep

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    1. Elephant
    2. Beaver
    3. Bison

    Reason it doesn't match is because I am super tall and a bit overweight.

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    I got:

    Makes me wonder....

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    1. Mouse
    Didn't get any other results unless I'm not looking in the right place.

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    I am a ssssnake.

    Shy and insecure, they must keep a low profile to avoid the disapproving glances and teasing of others. Of course, their poisonous wit and quick tongues help to keep tormentors at bay.

    As a child its small frame was no defense against the taunts of the playground bullies, so its sharply vicious attacks were adopted as means of protection. Snakes have no illusions about getting breaks in life and while they see doors opening for others, they have resigned themselves to staying in their lowly, entry level positions. So don't try and humor the snake, for it has reconciled itself to its subservient position.

    With their intimate connection to the earth and their unique perspective on life, snakes have learned to express themselves through their art. Whether writers, moviemakers or painters, they are obsessively meticulous about their craft. Every now and then, one makes an impact on the art world and is thrust into the spotlight. But the snake recoils from the glare of publicity, and its behavior becomes even more erratic than usual. Woody Allen, the proverbial snake, comes to mind.

    In winter, the cold-blooded snake is miserable. It just can't cope in the low temperature that seeps in through its thin skin, affecting its mood and sapping its energy. Prone to colds and flu, they are pathetic sights as they snivel and cough throughout the season. But when summer returns with its warmth and light, the snakes' moods brighten and their spirits soar.

    Snakes are not fussy about their choice of jobs. As cold blooded personalities they perform best when given warmth and kindness and will accept almost any job, provided they feel secure. However, if they feel mistrusted, they live up to their reputation and return the disloyalty. Consequently, they are often relegated to menial jobs in the fast-food industry or as unskilled labor.
    Surprisingly accurate unfortunately.
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    3.Mountain goat

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