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Thread: Hi, I'm CushiesKid! (tl;dr warning)

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    Smile Hi, I'm CushiesKid! (tl;dr warning)

    Okay, so the name might be a little cheesy but I usually stick to only about 2 or 3 names on various other sites and... well... you know.

    I'm really happy I found this place, it looks like a really cool site and I've enjoyed my time on it so far. I'm glad that there are other people to talk to about stuff like this.

    Personally, I'm a TB/DL and my favorite kind of diapers are... well, can you guess? Cushies from ABU. I also love their SDKs (it's technically the same diaper, so yeah). I found them online one day when I was looking for cheap Abena X-Plus and when asking support about ordering I found out about their radio show. I actually haven't spent that much on diapers because they're so generous to their loyal supporters. I might even get to design T-Shirts for them soon! It's all very exciting.

    I kind of feel like this has been an advertisement so far, so I'mma keep away from that a little more as I go forward. And bear with me, I'm just writing everything down as it comes to my mind. It's a bit harder to write an introduction here than it is on other forums... it's all very new.

    Anyways, I wear when I can (usually on the weekends... as mentioned in other places cleanup before school can be a hassle) and I usually use plastic pants both to keep the diaper from coming off in my sleep and prevent leaks. Plus I've kinda grown accustomed to the feel.

    Another thing I've grown accustomed to is my paci! I love that sucker (haha, get it?) to death and even when I don't have diapers it's enough to keep me calm. It helps me be at peace with myself and when a lot of crap is going on in my life (see: daily) I can just relax and calm down with it. I've also got a decent sized (largeish stuffed animal) Scooby Doo that I got at Universal at my mom's house and a smaller bulldog stuffed animal that looks like the dog Barney my parents had before I was born.

    Speaking of my life... I've liked to wear diapers pretty much my whole life. I used to steal my (younger, I'm 16 and he's 13) brother's pull-ups when I was 5 or so until he stopped wearing them. I dunno if he remembers this, I think he probably cast it out of his memory. Since then I tried wetting the bed in middle school to get my parents to buy me Goodnites or something but they aren't exactly understanding, and I found that out the hard way. The nicest thing I ever heard from my mom about it was "don't drink anything and go to the bathroom before bed". Now I'm in High School and I have a job and a debit card with divorced parents (third grade, early summer 2002) who don't pay that much attention to my statements.. thankfully. Packages can be a bother but I've learned very carefully how to keep my many lives in an even balance.

    Recently though my mom happened to discover one of my double-bags of dirty disposables (FRICKIN THE DAY BEFORE GARBAGE DAY FFS) and I had to explain to my doctor that it wasn't exactly a medical issue. Thankfully he had heard of this before and knew exactly what to say to please my parents. They stopped talking to him. I told them everything was gone (too bad they don't know about my paci) and I haven't gotten any trouble since. Apparently that wasn't enough for them though because they sent me to a psychologist and he called me when they tried to talk to him behind my back. Once again, thankfully there is a such thing as doctor-patient confidentiality. It's funny how people respect you all of a sudden when you turn 16.

    That's the diaper-related side of my life... I'd be happy to relay any other drama (oh and trust me, there is a fuck-ton of it) upon request.

    Now, about me... I'm 16 years old as of this post (17 this fall, October 22) and I'm going to be a Senior. I'm pretty darn excited for Senior year and all. I haven't ever really been that popular because I haven't been at the same school for more than 3 years, but this past year things have started to turn around and as always I look forward to a future that keeps getting brighter.

    I'm an avid, active, competitive Yu-Gi-Oh TCG player, I consistently win online tournaments (4 more cards in my deck for lolocals, including 3 Doomcaliber Knight QQ) and this past week Konami has expressed interest in having me manage their online presence. They're sending me a copy of the most recent DS game as a sign of good faith... which is a good thing because I don't actually own the game. I have a Cyclo DS Evo, if you catch my drift.

    I'm also a pretty damn good lacrosse goalie when I'm motivated to play, but my heart just isn't in it as much these days so I probably won't do anything other than intramural in college if I do anything. I did letter my sophomore year though (didn't play frosh) so I guess that's something to be respected, especially as a goalie. I have exercise-induced asthma though, so that's the other thing that keeps me from playing especially hard. I've never been the greatest runner and that's how I got to playing goalie, but still. These days I just try and get some cardio in to stay fit.

    I work as a busser and I'm training as a host at a family restaurant, and I have the coolest coworkers and bosses on the planet. It's probably the one thing that's worked out really well for me. Good food, good people, easy work, and an escape from the home life. What more could you ask for in a first job? Oh yeah, decent money. I have that too.

    I own a website (link upon request, but you have to agree to be respectful of privacy etc etc etc) and radio station and IRC network. We play a lot of vidya and a lot of yugioh and come from just about everywhere. My site is cool in that it caters to whatever the people want it to cater to without even needing to modify anything very thoroughly... and I spend a lot of my time working on adding improvements and coding things and just pleasing my members. It's my pride and joy and some of the people and experiences I've met and had from it you can't get anywhere else. I even got kicked off of Hostmonster because I was getting DDOS'd too much! They never did give me that "pro-rated refund"... whatever.

    Like I said, I play a LOT of vidya. My Steam library is absolutely massive and just about anything you have I'd be happy to play with you. I'vea got da TF2, da BFBC2, da BF2, da UT3... man I got everything. Once again, Steam name available upon request.

    I think that's just about everything I can think of right now and to be fair it does say the more the better. If you want to know anything else or have any questions, feel free to ask! Again, I'm really glad to be here and I hope to have some good times. Yay!

    I just realized I forgot some pretty important stuff and I don't see any edit buttons, sooo here goes!

    I have probably one of the most badass gaming rigs you will ever have the pleasure of stat-viewing. The only thing it lacks is a SSD and better GFX cards... but mine are PRETTY DARN NICE. Here are my specs:

    Hardware for my rig: [redacted]

    The case on my bad boy is an HAF 922 (kudos to the tip about diapers in the computer box by the way... I'm going to be doing that because the boxes for full tower cases are HUGE and I keep mine as a trophy up high). My CPU keeps it real-- real fast that is; it's an i7 975 extreme edition. My mobo is a rockin DX58SO tweaked for the i7 975 extreme edition. Memory, you ask? 6GB, gold plated optimized for i7. Blingin'. My HDDs are 2x 2TB Hitachis. How do I fare in graphics cards? 2x ATI XFX 5770s, crossfire'd. I don't use a heat sink because I don't overclock (don't need to) so I don't need one. My disk drive is a 2x BD/DVD R/W +/-. All I've got for networking is my mobo port, but it works great. When it comes to my display, I either run off of a 32" TV @1080p or monitor @ 1280x1024. The speakers are nice bigguns I found in the garage.

    Additionally, I met the most amazing girl ever this past semester. We had a free period together and we'd hang out in the student center with some other people and just talk about stuff and have fun. We usually each brought some kinda food too so that was awesome. ANYWAY. I had the hugest crush on her for a while and I finally told her about a week after school got out that I liked her... she said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever told her. I haven't seen her since school for various reasons but I will after I get back from a trip to Chicago on the 26th and I am SOOOOO excited to see her and finally go on our first date (though it feels like we're past that... which is weird) and then hang out... because I told her about my diaper/tb stuff and she thinks it's cool. I won't divulge any details because I don't need to, but let's just say I'm super excited.

    Yup now that's everything.
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    Glad to hear it!

    I hope you guys don't mind if I go through the wiki and fix all the grammar errors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minou View Post

    O _O ...
    It's nothing THAT special. I just have time and good lord reading some of the tips was maddening. I mean it's great advice and all, but to vs. too was stuff I learned... well... a long time ago.

    And no offense to users with bad grammar or who don't care to be proper or anything, I'll just be there to tidy up after you.

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    I need to dust off my old school mega computer
    DUAL Pentium III 600Mhz CPUs (a server before we had dual cores)
    2Gb of RAM
    3 parallel 250Gb drives runing in RAID Aray
    1 SCSI 4Gb (on board SCSI just had to use it)
    A Voodoo 5 5500 Dual chip video card
    A Sound Blaster AWE 64

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    Not bad, not bad. Good to meet you PaperBoy. I remember that NES game by the way... <_<.

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    Welcome and thanks for the excellent intro. I gotta say that I am envious to a lot of stuff in that description. I'm still struggling to get a decent computer of my own. I'm short on internets and vidja for the summer but I'd love to meet you in tf2 or something else in the fall. You seem to have a perfect balance of ultra nerdism while still having a social life. I understand that there is more to it then that under the hood but you are in a very nice situation right now. Don't lose sight of your hopes and goals and keep living the dream.

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    Your words betray your envy even after you say it yourself.

    My advice to you is to take advantage of EVERY opportunity, no matter how small it may seem. Find what you enjoy and grab onto it. Me? I'm looking to head into law. I'll be leaving for the University of Chicago - Law & Advocacy section of the National Student Leadership Conference this year in just about two more days.

    I'm really excited.

    Good to meet you though and I'd love to dive into TF2 with you.

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    You caught me! Even though I wasn't hiding? Wierd but true. Well I'm honestly not at all happy with my current living conditions but I have gone a long way to improve myself and make the best of what I am given. I'm already a college student at The University of Texas following my own goals in the field of Science so I am very well on track of establishing a life for myself that I can truely be happy to have. But I am envious to see the many things that I have not done. I can't wait till it's my turn.

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