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    Smile Hello world

    I don't like the fact that this can be found using google!
    Last edited by PaperBoy; 21-Jul-2010 at 06:21. Reason: Too Much informaition, that can be found using google

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    Welcome to ADISC, PaperBoy! Another Wisconsin boy on ADISC!

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    Yeah I love this state. So many of my peers hated it when they where in High school and now realize what where they thinking!

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    Hi, PaperBoy. Welcome to ADISC. Your intro. was a very good start indeed, lots of info. that many new members do not include in their introductions. CB radio ? I did not think anyone still used them, I thought the cell-phone/ texting gadgets had long ago replaced the CB radio. It's been at least 20 years since I used my base-station, and at least that long since I have bothered to install one in my truck. " Take care and safe truckin, good-buddy. Catch you on the flip-flop, if you got your ears on. And watch out for them bears."

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