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Thread: Favorite Babyfur artist

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    Default Favorite Babyfur artist

    I was looking at some babyfur art earlier. And I was wondering what who is your favorite babyfur artist. Mine is Tavi Munkart

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    Like potato chips, I think you can't have just one favorite babyfur artist...

    My favorite artists:

    Jade Fox




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    Hmm well I'd personally think


    Tavi Munkart

    fjf (Furry Jade Fox)

    Coshi Dragonite



    and Corri.

    I am actually starting to draw as well ^_^ Very horribly I might add =) But anyways, I'm more of a writer, I have been writing poems actually a lot lately. I think I should post those...

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    huskyryuu, tavi munk, marci, and fjf im not a fur but i like looking at fur art

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    I kinda like Marci's art but I think it's a little overrated.

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    Two of my favorites of Blue Ferret and TeTarga

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    marci? marci mc adam? that may be the only name I recognize...

    I think...

    other than that I am still ignorant when it comes to artists.

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    I think this thread was here a while ago. Probably got deleted. Maf Linabe Wob'Targa

    As well as a lot more people that I might add later if I'm bored and if I didn't forget this thread.

    The pics don't seem to be working for some reason ever since FA's servers went down.
    Last edited by Vladimir; 14-May-2008 at 22:25.

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    Heres my favorites - Joshy the fox - Chris the fox
    Marci Mcadam
    Huskyhyruu <Im not sure if I spelled it right>
    and possibly more >.>

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