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Thread: Dressing our teddy bears

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    Wink Dressing our teddy bears

    I wounder why a lot of us dress our teddy bears . I like mine in diaper's and some of them I dress them in baby clothing boy clothing that is . what do you do to your plushes or bears . Foxkits

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    I leave it naked. Not that into clothing my plushie even though I don't really have that big of an attachment to Percival to begin with.

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    I leave Phillip but naked!

    He somehow tears away his clothes...

    I seriously have to train him better! :P

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    Maf maf is wearing a onesie at the moment. He has more cool stuff than I do.

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    i have a whale so teres not a whole lot of clothes you can put on them but he does have his own plane (i build rc's and he fits in cockpit)

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    I diaper and onesie my plushies every now and again, but that's usually reserved for when I want to play daddy and not baby

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    I have at least 6 or 7 around my bedroom somewhere, but I only see four of them in sight right now. My teddy-bears are not the expensive kind, they only cost a few dollars each. They all came pre-dressed in an outfit, a few of them are wearing ballet outfits ( a camisole ,tutu, and satin slippers ) and the rest are just wearing simple looking dresses. I just checked the ones I could find, their clothes are sewn to them. I suppose I could put another outfit over the sewn-on dresses, I just never really thought about it before.

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    I am not really into putting clothes on my plushies. The only one that has, is my teddy bear, and he has been wearing it as long as I know him. He wears this little sailor suit, it is quite cute

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    I've never really been inclined to get any clothes for Mitch since putting clothes on my plushies isn't really an interest of mine. And besides, as far as I know, teddy bears can't be arrested for indecent exposure.

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