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Thread: heading off to garage sales today

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    Default heading off to garage sales today

    heading to garage sales today - hopefully will find some older plastic diapers!! Love pampers/luvs!!

    I also work in peoples homes - and occassionally when I am in the basement/attic will find old diapers - then I MUST buy them from the homeowner!

    What other places do you guys look for diapers??

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    E-bay is where I usually look for bargains. You sound like the diaper version of American Pickers.

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    I've never seen diapers at goodwill, but there are a few thrift stores near my house that have them.

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    I'm a tag sale mainaic and have never seen disposable diapers offered. I have bought bottles and seen cloth baby diapers for sale. As a side note I occasionaly see empty adult diaper boxes used to hold junk for sale. I wonder if there is a DL about.

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    I LOVE garage sales, but I have never bought diapers at one, that is the last thing on my mind! I look for the cheap hidden treasures, antiques, vintage, anything photography. I always seem to find something that someone is selling for $2-$3 that is worth $50+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powderhair View Post
    I've heard goodwill is a good place to find cheap diapers, but I don't have one close enough to me to care.

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    came accross some old attends a while back at a yard sale.. but they were way too big. 2 cases. thinking back I should have bought them anyway.. someone else could have used them..

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    I have found diapers at Goodwill, St Vincent Depaul, consignment shops, and still looking for them at yard/garage/tag sales.
    What I normally find are basic middle of the road or really cheap diapers that I end up using as a stuffer.

    I also look for other things like clothes, antiques, and all other kinds of neat stuff. Always fun looking at what people are getting rid of.

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