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Thread: The LeBron James Spectacle and its effects....

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    Default The LeBron James Spectacle and its effects....

    As a Cleveland Cavaliers fan all my life, a fan who grew up watching the team in the dark days, and fearing a relocation of the Cavaliers in the late 90s, early '00s cause of bad attendance and empty seats- a fan who suffered the loss of he Browns in 1995, and other events of Cleveland sports pasts... I personally am disgusted by the spectacle that LeBron James made last night

    No, I didn't watch it, after I saw that the Cavs were going to lose LeBron early Thursday AM while I was at my bar. At least I was able to do a shot of Jack to ease the pain.

    I felt the whole spectacle was over-blown, unnecessary and ridiculous. It was a slap to the face of the city of Cleveland, OH which had a LeBron Witness sign on a building downtown Cleveland. I am not surprised by how the fans are reacting. We have not had a championship since the '64 Browns. We have been cursed, ad a friend says I should not believe in sports curses since the '04 Red Sox won the World Series, but I do.

    I do because it always happens to Cleveland. I feel like God loves to play Soup Nazi with us. I always picture God as the Soup Nazi from 'Seinfeld', picking who wins the championship and says to Cleveland ala the Soup Nazi, 'NO CHAMPIONSHIP FOR YOU!'

    I felt the whole damn thing was a spectacle, and I also was not thrilled to see tonight the big bash that the Heat are throwing for him at the Miami Arena. It was disgusting!!!!

    It made me want to throw up, and it showed to me who REALLY was behind it all. ESPN. ESPN had to have had something to do do with it as they probably wanted him in a larger market than the city of Cleveland. Cleveland is a small-market team that is damned lucky to still have it's pro sports teams after losing the Browns, getting them back, and almost losing the Indians had the Gateway ballot not passed in 1990.

    I will move on, I will still be a Cavaliers fan, and I need to go jersey and t-shirt shoppng.


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    I don't really care, I've never been into sports and most likely never will be.

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    Cleveland has had a history of selling off their best players, especially The Cleveland Indians. In this case, the Cavaliers should have tried to acquire another blue chip player. LeBron wants a championship badly enough to take a salary cut. All the sports pundits are criticizing LaBron for the way his announcement was done. They're holding his managers responsible. But when all is said and done, there are more important and urgent problems in the world. Sadly, it will take Cleveland a long time to acquire another great player, or more importantly, three great players. This is what they failed to do, unlike Miami.

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    Okay since I am probably the most opinionated sports fan here I have to give my two cents on this.

    I hate LeBron to begin with. I respect him way more than Kobe Bryant but that is because I am a Spurs fan (hah we swept y'all in the Finals in 2007). This is my take on it. LeBron wanted the market all along. He wants to be the next Michael Jordan. ESPN and the NBA know that a bigger market will make big bucks, like the Cowboys and such. So, a move to the Heat would bring a high caliber team and would make the Heat clear favorites next year. Now that the Cavaliers have no exit plan for LeBron, then they will probably go to the basement of the Central Division once again. Cleveland gets screwed around every year especially since superstition always gets them. The Drive, The Fumble, Red Right 88, The 97 World Series, the Browns going to Baltimore, and such stuff. I know the crunch is tough, but the Cavaliers can at least try to get up on their feet and show LeBron some love when the games come to Cleveland once or twice.

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    I am still going to go to the Cavaliers games, and I am not going to burn my LeBron stuff, I'd rather be positive, and remember the good times rather than how he bitch-slapped Cleveland.

    I have watched the local news lately and WOW, it amazes me how upset people are. Thursday night, they were burning their LeBron stuff in Akron, and Cleveland. In a Cleveland suburb, they had a Le-Bon fire where fans even burned autographed jerseys. I was flabbergasted that one kid bured a jersey he got in a Cavs promotion- one that could go for a couple of grand. WOW. Me, I'd take the damn money. Not burn it, but then again I am rather poor and know the value of money.

    I admit I am a bit pissed but moreso at how he handled the whole damned thing by having that asinine ESPN special, it was set up that way so ESPN and the networks got what THEY wanted, LeBron in a larger market, and I agree with a statement by Spike Lee-that it had to be rigged, ad that Pat Riley knew what was going on. I am no happy about this at all. But I will move on, rebuild, still go to the games, and I will put my LeBron stuff away, rather than wase my money by burning it.

    I only care because the curse lives on, Cleveland is a cursed city for sports,and has been since '64. Oh well... I am going to carry on, don't mourn, and rejoice that I still have my teams.


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    Some of what ESPN has been doing for the past 3 months is so rigged. And I am one of the few that thinks that Eric Spolestra as coach will not last the whole year. I say that by at least this year's end or the next year Pat Riley will coach once again.

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