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    Talking New girl in town...

    Hello all!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the wife of a DL and joined this site as to gain some insight and look for some fellow supportive hubbies/gfs/bfs/etc. My husband and I only recently got married, but he was up front about his DL-ness from the start, which was greatly appreciated. I love him dearly and just want him to be happy, so I fully support him. Thanks for reading!

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    Hello an welcome to ADISC. Congrats on getting married. Is your husband also a member of this site. Or did you just come across it?

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    Thanks! I just came across it while researching a bit... but since then he has read a bit, but he hasnt registered as of yet. i'm betting he will soon, though

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    Welcome also to the site. I'm married and my wife is supportive of me. I suppose we're a bit odd in one regard, but I think you'll find a lot of nice people on this site, and also learn a little about that which makes us tick. To be honest, I don't think we really know, but it does get discussed every now and then.

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    Hehe, if anyone does find out, I'd assuredly like to be cued in! It's great that you're supportive of your husband, I find it comforting to know that it is indeed possible to find people who would be able to get over something like this with an otherwise great guy.

    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Congrats in your marriage to your husband and I think it is nice for you to be joining here to learn about your husband's interests. We are a support community here and we are glad to answer any questions you have here. Just a question, have you showed this site to your husband/is he a member here? Cause we would be glad to accept him here as a member as well as yourself.

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