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Thread: Hi there!!! New guy on the class...

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    Default Hi there!!! New guy on the class...

    Hi, i'm new on these site, and really, in the subject of been/want to be a baby, but all your advices and the opportunity of discuss these matter, bring me to safer and warmer place, because right now, i'm feeling quite lonely.

    All the love!!!


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    Hi elmail! Abu Dhabi... is that UAE? That's awesome. First person I've seen on this board from the Middle East. The UAE has some really beautiful cities. You'll definitely find some good company and people to talk to here. Welcome!


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    Welcome to the site. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. You've got good company here, as many of us feel lonely from time to time. I hope you'll feel comfortable to join in on the many dialogues. We're all sort of good once removed friends.

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    It's kind of like we all have something in common or something. You know? So it's easier to open up. =P

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