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Thread: Potty Training

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    Default Potty Training

    Yes my fellow young'ins..... that age old question... whend did you getpotty trained?
    Not really. This thread is something different.

    Lately my boyfriend who is also a babyfur has been intent on 'potty training' me. This consists of him buying me Goodnights, underjams, or pull on diapers instead of our lovely thick crinkly taped kind. He when we are rping it online or off will ask me if I have to go... He rewards me for 'making it' Which I never do.... <.< Along with that, I get the usual take me by the hand to the bathroom sort of treatment... which is nice... I'll admit.

    However ADISC my question to you is... Have you ever played this way?
    What can I do with him to make this play more fun, authentic, and rewarding?

    3... 2.... 1..... IHON QUIZINE! I mean.... discuss!

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    I so wanna do this with my girlfriend now

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    You can be like my grandson and throw a tantrum....NO Potty, NO Potty! Actually, he's pretty good about it, but you don't have to be...haha.

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    Hehe, yeah. Sounds kinda fun. Little kids are funny when they are potty training or right after. If there was something interesting going on, my little cousin would stay there as long as possible, even if you prompted him with, "Do you need to use the potty?" Always no, until the inevitable happened. And when he was younger during potty training, my little brother would hide in the corner when he had to go #2, do it, then announce it to my mom that he had gone, proudly, kinda sticking it to her and her silly potty. I only vaguely remember that, but I've been told the stories. Funny stuff. Probably would be fun to RP something like that.

    Playing pretend is fun, enjoy it. Happy training :P

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    I've never played this way, but it sounds like fun! Regardless it also seems like you're not getting what you want out of it..
    to make it more fun and rewarding, he could punish you for not making it in time (If you're into punishments, this could be exciting. :] ) or give you favors of your choosing if you do, like a prize or something!

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    This does sound fun. I like the idea of "no I don't wanna", or "no I don't havfta go", and flat refusing like a younger child might do.

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    You should get apotty training chart to put on the fridge. The kind you fill with stickers and whatnot.

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    I ran this by my mommy and she said that it sounded like incredibly fun! Since I'm wearing goodnites now I'm like yay!

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    This is not the first time I've heard of this. While I am not interested in this myself, it seems like an interesting thing to try.

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