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    Default Hello there!!!

    Hello! I'm Eric and I'm an occasional wearer of diapers and I'm not really sure if I'm a teen baby or not but whatever! It's all fun, right?

    I love photography, theater acting, driving, singing, Broadway musicals, cooking, Starbucks, biking, and MANY other things!

    I hope to get along on this website!

    Thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura2005 View Post
    Thank you very much!
    I'm very much welcome! Did you just say Starbucks? Mmmmmmm! *mouth starts watering*

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    Welcome to the site. I just re-joined myself. I think its going to be fun...

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    Wow. I see a trend now of people here that are now joining the site considering that they registered around the time or before I did! Welcome to ADISC and I hope you enjoy your time here on the site. What theater musicals are you interested in?

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    welcome back (pats Eric on the back and gives him a tray of boneless wings)

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    Hello Eric, welcome to the site!

    I wish I could sing! I tried singing once, it sounded like a mallard getting strangled by an accordion in F minor

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    You sing? Cool! I sing in my church choir. I'm a pretty versatile baritone, my friend once told me I could hit the lowest note on the bass instrument. and I can sing some of the moderately high tenor notes if I can get a good breath in. I think I'm starting to sound a little too proud...I'm decent but not the best or anything. How 'bout you?

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