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    Greetings all! I found this very cute and fun online flash game called Transformice !

    It's an online puzzle solver/platformer in which you play as a little mouse trying to work together with/beat the other online mice to collect the cheese! Randomly shuffled maps pop up with a new challenge in each one. The cool part about this game is that one or two players are randomly chosen on each map to be the shaman. The shaman is gifted with the power to build blocks and push objects (or mice). In most of the maps your success at getting the cheese rests solely in the hands of the shaman.

    Its really addicting and fun to make sure no mouse is left behind or to see to it that no mouse gets the cheese (hehe).

    Be sure to create a username so that you can chat with the other mice and rack up points to buy accessories and hats a la tf2 style. Invite your friends and meet up with them in the game!

    I suggested this game when I was at a friends house and we ended up just playing this game the whole night. It's so addicting.

    edit: online interactions not rated by the USRB (translation: the chatroom isn't censored and the internet will say what it wants to)
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    Yup, fun game! I found it a few weeks ago, but I didn't think to make a topic about it.

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