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Thread: A question about self-publishing.

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    Default A question about self-publishing.

    As some of you might know, I am writing a book about my fursona. I plan to publish it through lulu, but I have a few questions for anyone who has self published with Lulu before.

    1. how do i know how many pages it will be? this part.
    2. will Lulu create a table of contents? (like saying chapter one, page X)
    3. should i include the pages that says 'dedicated to' in the document i upload or is there a page for that on lulu's publish wizard?
    4. if have my chapter titles like this will they stay like that? (no spacing between the chapter title and chapter material?)
    5. how would i get the title on the outside of the book look like this (normal above with the italics beneath)

    i will probably have more questions but this is what is on my mind at the moment... any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    You'll have to create a table of contents on your own as well as a dedication page, I imagine.

    Your chapter titles and formatting will remain exactly the same, as it's simply using your file to print it.

    Getting an estimation of how many pages you're going to come out with can be a bit of a hassle depending upon font and publishing size. What you might want to do is go online, find industry-standard margins and indentation for a trade paperback, then resize your file accordingly. If you need to conserve space, modify your paragraph indentations to book format instead of web format. To give a good estimation of size, you can also check your word count. 90,000 words in a trade paperback is about 300 to 350 pages. Lulu's 800 pages can probably handle, at most, 200,000 words. (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is about 190,000 words.)

    Best of luck!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I published with iUniverse about ten years ago. They made a very professional-looking finished product. Sadly, the $99 setup fee is now ten times that figure so I will be unable to use them again.

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