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    Hey all,

    For a long (ish) time ive been interested or curious about diapers but obviously have never told a soul about it. After i discovered this site last night i couldn't pass up the opporunity to discuss or simply learn about "DLs" and whether i am one or not etc.

    I don't want this to sound too diaper-centric, so here goes some stuff about me. I'm a pretty shy person. I often act confident and secure but inside i'd rather be somewhere else. I enjoy all kinds of music from Wagner to Dubstep, i listen to what i enjoy. I enjoy most genres of films although i really couldn't care less for horror. I'm male. I think im either straight or Bi (funnily enough, i've never told anyone that either). My hobbies range from Mountain Biking to computer games (a bit addicted to WoW atm it seems). I'm a student at university, studying Computer Games Design.

    Umm thats pretty much all i can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask anything you like, it'll be nice being open about my feelings for once.


    ps: sorry if this grammar or spelling is bad, i usually pride myself in decent english skills yet its early in the morning here and ive just summoned the courage to make this thread and im somewhat nervous, also (insert excuse)..

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    Hi there shyguy, welcome to Adisc! Make sure you've read the rules before you jump right in

    Kudos for making an awesome intro! I'm sure you'll fit in well here!

    Mountain biking eh? I cycled to college every day for a year, and the route was a mixture of road cycling and off road cycling. I did it on a mountain bike and it was awesome

    I see you're from the UK Me too! There's a lot of members from Britain around here so hit us up on the IRC

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