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Thread: discrete daily wear kit?

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    Default discrete daily wear kit?

    Hi everyone,

    Long time no see (been on a purge and am back to binging)

    So, I'm looking at doing some daily wear for a while. I've decided I like tape on disposables better than pull ups, both because of the absorbency and because if I need to change diapers in a public restroom, I don't need to take off my pants and shoes to do so.

    So, I'm hoping to get some discrete, but very study disposable tape-on's, a nice waterproof pant, and decide what stays in my kit for clean up.

    I've worn my bambinos into work before, and they're fine, provided I'm wearing baggy jeans, but I'd kinda like to find a cloth back, or something that's not QUITE as noisy, or possibly not quite as bulky, but I still really like being able to sit at my desk working and just let it all go, staying warm and comfy and generally feeling like I've got a saftey blanket with me.

    For added peace of mind, I'd like to get a waterproof pant, but I want something that will both protect really well, just in case my diapers leak from heavy wetting, and not make a lot of noise, potentially even something that will help dampen the noise of my diapers.

    And, and this is a big Maybe. If at home, I can find that I can trust the combination of diaper and pant to hold in the smell well enough, I'd kinda like to see about a set up strong enough that if I were to have some #2 leakage, provided I immediately got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, it wouldn't be noticeable.

    Which leads to clean up. I'd really like to come up with a good backpack level clean up kit.

    I already carry the big ziplock bags with me, so when I finish using a diapy I can put it in a ziplock before putting it in the trash, so it doesn't smell up the place, but I want to find some good quality wipes and or whatever else people use to do really thorough clean up.

    Whats in your daily wear kit? What are your favorite tape-ons that mix discretion and heavy wetting as best as possible (I'm more prone to err towards being able to take a heavy wetting, if I need to end up on one side or the other, as I can think of NOTHING less discrete than wetting my pants at work.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    -- that

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    Hey thad and welcome back. I usually wear cloth so I can't recommend a good disposable, but because I wear cloth I can recommend Leak Master plastic pants. They're soft, cover a lot of area and last a long time. I don't think any pair of plastic pants will completely mask odors, especially if you go #2. I wouldn't do that out in public. As for wetting, you can go for a couple of hours until things begin to biodegrade into ammonia. You would want to change by then anyway so you don't get diaper rash.

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    I stock a selection of thin, light plastic-backed diapers, cloth-backed diapers (Tena's right now), and some heavier plastic diapers, plus a couple of baby diapers for stuffers if I'm going to be out and about for a while with no chance of changing... or if I just chugged a few cups of coffee, as I'm known to do from time to time What I wear really depends on how much I think I'm going to wet. If it's hot out or if I'm going to be pretty sedentary for the day, I won't bother with a onesie or plastic pants as it's unnecessary and just too uncomfortable. If, on the other hand, I'm planning on moving around a lot, and if it's cool enough out, I'll at least wear a onesie to hide the diaper and absorb any minor leaks. As a rule of thumb, I almost always wear plastic pants when I'm using a stuffer and planning on nearing the max-out point of its absorbency, and I always carry an extra change of diapers, grown-up underwear, plastic pants, and shorts just in case. As for my clean up kit: a plastic bag, a container of wipes, some powder, and some baby balm is really all I need.

    If you're concerned about leaking #2, my best suggestion is to make sure that whatever diaper you're wearing, it's got standup leak guards. Also, wearing a onesie or underwear over your diaper ensures that if anything does leak, at least it has something other than your pants to leak onto.

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    I can recommend Tena Super (green stripe) for general every day - they're not too thick and they hold a fair bit front and back
    Huggies Aloe Vera wipes are my favourites - they do a great job and cleaning up and aren't too thin and wispy like cheap wipes can be

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    Meant to add, for waterproof pants, the German range called Suprima is really good - great quality, nice soft plastic and look great.

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