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    Hope this works, don't think I got activation link (only moo asking me to write an introduction, urgh)

    1. Be honest. You don't have to give out any information you don't want to, but it is very important that what you do say is the truth.

    I'm Belgian (of the dutch speaking part, some foreign newspapers report we are at war with our french siblings but haven't seen much unusual hostility yet), use too many brackets that make reading very difficult (sorry?) and never really know interesting stuff to say in introductions (I'll go into gibberish chatty mode now).

    2. Tell us about your AB/DL/TB/IC interests. You don't have to go into detail if you're shy, but a little bit goes a long way

    Mostly ageplay / DL, no real need but I like them... While most diaperlovers seem to dislike anything pull-up, I like them when I am in a 'should be potty trained' mood. ('bit' too fat for them really but trying sleep shorts at the moment)
    Apparently I did wet my bed, but not very long and not diapered for it (news to me, didn't even know until some weeks ago...). I do remember needing them after surgery (around 11/12 years) but only remember I hated them (and even that 'i am sure' seems not to be so sure)

    3. Tell us about your non-AB/DL/TB/IC interests! We want to get a sense of you as a whole person. Telling us these things goes a long way to help us relate to you as a real human being.

    I'm not a real human? Bit of a strange mixture so I fear mentioning all will be too identifiable (chicken...).
    • I do read a lot, mostly fantasy and/or humor
    • Listen to music of all times and ages, so people get seasick if they listen to my songs
    • Small scale collector of Tiny ('real' name Martine, think English translation is Debbie (or is that the American))
    • while not an alcoholic (and much fear for becoming one), I appreciate 'different' beers

    4. When in doubt, write more. The more you say, the more likely you are to find a friend you have something in common with

    I have the taste of Byte-X in my mouth atm... Should really stop eating myself

    Ah yes... about 35, currently already going trough midlife hell and haven't had puberty yet Only my skin remains young (unfortunately that does seem to stick right in the middle of puberty) and male (not really hunting for females and even less for males)

    If you want to know more... I'll try to answer

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    Wait... how can you be 35 and have not had puberty? Isn't that like... really bad?

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    Welcome to ADISC! I think you are the only person I have ever seen that has actually followed the prompt in the intro. I would also like to know the answer to Zephiel's question in how you are 35 and haven't hit puberty? You can't really be the real life example of what Justin Bieber will be! (please don't be!). Here are a few of my questions just to run out some time.

    1)Do you speak Dutch, French, or both, or neither?
    2)What would you do on a long day at the beach?
    3)Can I have some waffles?

    Hope you enjoy the site and its community here and be sure to not drink the water we have here. ITS TAINTED!

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    Hey Welcome to the site, hope you find it helpful and meet many great friends.

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    The 35 and no puberty is mainly what people comment about my interest in sexual areas (I can still look a girl in the eyes...) Unfortunately for the Beeper fans, my voice and body show my real age.
    I guess my hormones just focused on my skin...

    1: I normally speak dutch, but French should be no problem (while schooled in German, doubt that will still be any good)
    2: wander how I came to be at a beach (more of an inland person)
    3: while I am a moderate cook, my home made waffles are not of the best quality. (+ which type do you want, every region has their own )
    (honestly, 3 is very difficult to answer over here )

    The 2 most popular (changed images to links because resizing wouldn't work and some are 'a bit' too big):
    (often defrosted these days hard and dry without proper toping)

    (with large crystals of sugar)

    these you will often find as 'family waffles' (exist in soft & crispy)

    These resemble mine the most (although not same recipe)
    Kookboek/Vanillewafels - Wikibooks
    (should be soft, sweet and dry, I usually fail at combining dry and soft... you can have one but not both)

    I really have no idea which are 'Belgian waffles' (I think they are Brussels over here) Of the common types, I prefer Luikse (some things our french speaking people do better) and all time favorite are my mother's

    (used to have a link to online shop selling Belgian stuff in usa, but at 10* regular price it gets a bit silly)

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