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    Anyone gunna play the new Star wars MMO (star wars the old republic) the game doesn't come out til spring 2011 but I am really excited about it.

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    I might if it's easy like WWO was.. I couldn't get into the original game.

    Though I know I won't if the free Torchlight MMO is good.

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    wanna play wanna play wanna PLAY!
    i love star wars :3

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    I'm tempted, seeing its a Bioware AND a Star Wars game... However, I probably won't due to the subscription model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikrit View Post
    wanna play wanna play wanna PLAY!
    i love star wars :3
    lol im the same way, allthough Near is right it is gunna have a subscription

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    I would if it wernt that 1/2 the classes are jedi and more than half will be said jedi.

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