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Thread: Hi! (I'm really nervous)

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    Default Hi! (I'm really nervous)

    Hi, my name's abagail. people call me abby, abbs, ect. I'm 20 (or I will be on tuesday), and I am a bisexual mostly dominant bdsm girl. I like using diapers on my subs and I like being diaper (and disciplined) by people I trust. My personal diaper fetish and desire to be diapered is something that I'm pretty secretive about and only share with people closest to me (typically, I like to come off as the very powerful and in control dominant to my subs). I like to say that I am a dl on weekends to relax from the stress of beating up little boys.

    I live in the southwest, where I work as a full time student, and this is the first ever forum that I've joined, and I'm a little nervous about putting myself out there to people I can't see, but I guess if there's anything else you want to know I'll try to answer.

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    Hi, welcome to adisc. As much as this is a support group about some of that, you don't need to concentrate on that for your intro. Don't feel obligated to talk about diapers and all that as that's kind of already obvious. What are your hobbies? What non-fetish stuff do you find interest in?

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    non fetish, I'm into physical stuff. I like rock climbing, open water swimming, and barefoot trail running. other than that, bdsm is kind of my hobby...

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    not just trail running..."barefoot" trail running. Doesn't that hurt with all the little woodchips and garbage that's on the trail? If you did that around here I'd think the splinters you'd have following would be immense.

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    ha, I live in the sonoran desert. it's cholla spines, not woodchips!

    where are you from?

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    Not just cholla spines, but entire cholla segments! Bring a comb!

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