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    So I am about to purchase some ABU Cushies, but realized that their MEDIUM size (32"-44") is out of stock. Their next size is for waists 36"-52". I'm a size 38 and am wondering if the LARGE will be too big for me.

    I'm not looking to get talked out of buying these...just need some advice on whether to go with the LARGE or wait until the other comes back in stock...whenever that might be.

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    I wouldn't buy them, I would wait for the right size to be back in stock. Buying the large and finding they're too big would be a major pain in the butt. I know ABU is not exactly renowned for returning emails promptly, but you should ask them when they'll be back in stock.

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    I guess their customer service thing is closed for the holiday. I'll try again Monday or Tuesday, thanks.

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    I would wait for the restock. You would likely be swimming in the larger size.

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    Wait for the restock, larges are LARGE. The tapes will probably be extremely close together...

    Although, I would avoid ABU all together. People have paid and waited months, or just don't receive anything. If you can afford to play Russian Roulette with some the most expensive yet (arguably) crappy diapers, by all means. But... if you insist... it's your money, not mine.

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    I have yet to try the "Cushies" but with that said, if you are laying out that kind of cash for an under performing "fancy" diaper you might want to wait to get the correct size. From what I have read most people are buying them for their looks, not there performance, so it might as well look right.

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    I cannot offer advice on sizes, but I would just advise you to wait for your proper size to come back in stock. I think I might order some when the mediums come back in stock.

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    i found this problem as well as i have a 38 inch waist. i only buy large and they fit very nice and they are a little more absorbent. when i tried mediums they to me ran a bit small in that i was right at the upper top of the size medium. i have tried several brands in large and they worked great and feel better to. now if you like them tight then go with medium but if you like them bigger and not real tight then i would go with the large. you can always tape the large tighter too as you still have room to stick the tape tabs closer. hope this helps.

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