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Thread: Anime Convention. More Furrys then you would think!

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    Default Anime Convention. More Furrys then you would think!

    Ok, well I went to the Anime Convention in LA, Caliofnia yesterday and to my surprise I meet alot of people who were furries. I know alot of diffrent type of people go to the Anime Convention, but I was thrilled to see so many people in fur suits and all sorts.

    Added: I was also able to get my own bennie with cat ears on it. I was almost able to get a collar but I ran out of time. (I got so close to getting it!)

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    Yeah, there are a lot more furries in the anime fandom than one would think. I've seen fursuiters at cons and such. The thing is, a lot of anime fans look down on furries for one stupid reason or another. So they have a big risk of getting bullied or mocked or what have you.

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    Some observations for you from an anime fanatic, non-furred person

    Having been to many anime conventions, I can confirm. There are furries there. However, littleaura is correct. Don't go all furred up and expect to be accepted. Generally, most anime con goers won't be any different from the general public in their view of furries. It can either be the uncomfortableness that you might get if you wore furry stuff outside at any random public place, or it could also be wondering what furries are doing at an anime con in the first place, thinking they don't belong (or course the random burger kings and american cartoon characters can get the same reaction).

    Now, there are people who walk around with just the ears and/or tail. They may be furries, who knows, but more often than not at an anime con, they aren't. Animal ears and tails are more common in anime than you'd think, and at an anime con, it's probably just reproducing that and the "cute" factor that goes with it. Especially with nekomimi (cat ears). And some of the full body suits might be of anime characters, albeit animal ones, such as random Pokemon or other similar things. It doesn't mean they are furries, although the reverse applies as well (it doesn't mean they aren't furries either).

    Just want you to be aware and be careful so you avoid any upsetting moments. But you may already know all of this if you are into anime. In that case, just ignore the interruption and continue on with your day, my good cat.

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    AX has a decent number of furs... Fanime has WAY more, and if you don't mind going a bit off of the beaten path, Yaoi-con has furs going far into the double digits.

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    I attend a Sci Fi/Fanstasy convention where we get furries at the costume contest and dance every year.

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    Anime North is a nice furry friendly convention. Ive been going for a while and we have plenty of anime and non-anime furrys. Alots of furry stuff in the dealer room and artists alley.

    there are regular furry panels and other events.

    last year at the main furry panel. We took over a 3 room, ballroom. and still we had people standing, sitting on the floor, where-ever they could find a spot.

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    Thanks ^^, Yea I can guess some people just do it because its an Anime convention and they don't even know what a furry is. For the one person I really talked to about it he confirmed for me he was a furry. I have a picture but I wont upload. (Just to clear things up)- Yes I am also a furry if you haven't guessed

    PS. Love you signature! I NEVER want to be normal! Normal people suck!

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    Had an anime convention up here in Minnesota (Anime Detour)... 4500 attendees, had probably between 15-20 furries there, myself of course being one of them. about 10 of us being fursuiters. Again, including myself. ^^ Only one problem person the entire time and she was a bitch to us in front of staff, so was made to leave. Don't mess with the furries, kids... especially when they know con staff.

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