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Thread: WHAT to do when you get sick of your tickle me elmo

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    i like the guys who poored lighter fluid all over one and lit it on fire

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    I've seen this video before, super funny. WHOOSE LAUGHING NOW ELMO?

    Odd thing is I like Elmo...

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    yeah, i put this up because its a gross mutilation of elmo, the likes of which o NEVER be shown on sesame street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersrulez View Post
    I think a good thing happened there, that thing was evil. EVIL I tell you!!!
    I think you may be right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I think you may be right.
    Indeed, Only the most wicked creatures from the deepest pits in hell can laugh so defying while being burnt to death, like it is trying to say that every attempt we make to stop him will be futile because he and satan's army of higher demons will soon rule the earth and bring a thousand years of darkness.

    PS. This wasn't supposed to become a story... But anyway :p

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