Throughout life you have moments that just have that extra power about them. Something that when everything is thrown against the wall, some of it sticks as being something extra special. Back when this whole fur thing started "furballing" (e.g. snowballing) this little gem hit me and I realized that life had really changed a lot. I'm not sure why this quote of mine sticks so hard with me but I think because it signified a changing of the guard.
My greatest and worst day was when I realized parents aren't infallible. Your parents aren't always right and they can't always protect you. Furhaps it was a loss of innocence a bit, a bit of growing up, but it's one of those realizations where a lot of things come together and it's a boundary you can't backtrack from and that's probably while I thought it was such a moment.

Have you had moments like this? Is there some saying, quotes, or feeling that you had and it just has that special sticking power? I invite you to share these cool moments as well.

From the dino monster hiding under your bed,