Hi to all here ^^ nice to meet all you!
My name is Alf (course it is a nickname, actualy is a short way to speak my name, Alfred ) i'm 20 year old, and I was borned and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil... I live here with my parents and live a pretty normal life. not working yet but gettin ready to the university and i hope to start soon.
That was a little introdution to myself as a person, now the reasons of I'm join here and a little history about my infantilism experiences^^
To start a'm a Adult baby (maybe i should say a Teen baby, I don't know... You can choose ) officialy from the past seven mouths, but I think I never grew up in some aspects . I have been put back in diapers due a neurological problem, and to be honest, i'm pretty ok with that fact, because i was dreaming to be put back in diapers since i was five years old. I wear diapers 24/7 and wet than all the time, because i have lost the control of my pee pee. Since of that i decided to hug my baby side and I think I ever could be more happier than i'm these times...
I don't do so much things as a adult baby, because I still acepting, trying and learning more about this lifestyle. For now only full time diapered and a paci for this baby . Be a AB is a very very good way to deal with stress and even depression, but I still doing that in secret =/.
No i'm not hoping not like suck a pacifier in public, wear baby clothes, or be a full time baby but i really desire to tells about it to my family ( specially to my mommy, the real one) and maybe gain some kind of suplies and/or some suport.
The felling i'm most desiring to get back is the joy to be bottle or spoon fed by mommy, but i'dont know how can I say that to her =/
If any of you have any tips please help this newborn buddy
To finish, i'm a very friendly guy and i hope meet some cool people here and make a lots of new friends ^^ .
Oh also sorry about poorly english, here in Brazil we speaks Portuguese ( but it's a little different of Portugal's Portuguese, so I will say Brazilian's Portuguese ^^) I can understand english very very well but I have some problems to express myself =)

kisses and hugs