ADISC is a support community.

We have to assume good faith on the part of new members. Even members with unusual stories to tell.

If you have actual evidence that someone is lying (e.g: they make contradictory claims), then report it, using the () button.
If we catch someone lying, they're likely to get banned for it.

If the story just seems far-fetched, but there's no actual evidence of lying (no, your "gut feelings" do not count as evidence!) - then please treat the poster with respect.

If you don't believe someone's story, ask questions about the details. Say the person must have been really, really lucky/unlucky to have this happen to them. Ask how this could have happened with their parents in the next room. There are plenty of ways to probe a story, or to express skepticism, without being rude. You're creative people. Think about it, and you'll find a way.

Skepticism is OK, but it should be expressed with questions or polite observations, not with comments like "this seems like BS".

Being skeptical is fine, but being rude isn't!
You can be skeptical without being rude.

I ask that all members bear these guidelines in mind.