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    Hi you all

    I've never posted here and have only just found the site. I made a wetting/AB/DL site myself and then realized how many others were around.

    I had been going to another community site, but left as it has turned in to some kind of Nazi like place. Not being able to type certain words or talk about any other site except for theirs! I kinda dont like that, which was what prompted me to make my own. Now we can all share the fun things we find from what ever website we choose )

    Anyway .... I am an AB (well actually a LG) I love nappies and wetting my pants :P I just recently (3 months ago) moved from the UK to Australia. The UK had a pretty cool scene going and I used to hold AB/Daddys/Mommys/DL partys. They were really awesome and I miss them so much. Over time I hope to meet enough people in Australia to be able to have them again

    Hmmmm I cant think what else you might want to know right now. But if any of you would like to check out my own site its at

    Its only 2 weeks old at the minute, but I'm hoping it will grow and we can all have fun there. I'd never made my own site before so I was a little unsure of how it would go, but I have over 600 members already, so I'm guessing I must have done a pretty nice job ) It was a lot of hard work for a LG lol

    I hope to make friends with some of you

    Love Nikki x

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    Wow and welcome to the site. As I guess you have figured out, we are different than the other diaper sites. I hope you will enjoy our diversity and feel comfortable contributing in the many different discussions. By the way, are there other things you do with your life? I'm a musician, a writer, and I like to get out and ride my bike.

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    Default nikkigurl

    I like to ride bikes too. When I was living in Ottawa, I could ride the bike trail all the way from my house to the city along the river. It was super pretty. And in the summer they used to have performers doing things at the side of the river that you could stop and watch.

    I love music and movies. Especially Christmas ones. I'm such a sucker for Christmas. This year will be my 1st Christmas in Australia, so its gonna be kinda different. Being in the middle of summer will be super wierd lol

    I actually watched a Christmas movie last night. I dont remember what it was called but its the one where Jack Frost tricks Santa into never having been Santa lol

    I like to snow board, but again, not much of that happening here! Maybe i need to find some new hobbies lol

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