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Thread: What is the correct name for this kind of blanket

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    Default What is the correct name for this kind of blanket

    I would like to get a baby blanket the kind baby's sleep with and carry with them. I done a search for baby blanket and the results show receiving blankets. I am not sure that is what I am looking for. I have also discovered that another name is Security blanket. what is the correct name for this kind of blanket

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    I don't think there's a specific name for what you're referring to. I'm pretty sure it's just a regular small blanket.

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    hmmm Yeah i think it may be a security blanket, if you just go on like babies r us or something and look up a blanket there you can probably get a brand and then find it some place else. Just a idea..

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    I think...normally you want to look for a receiving blanket, my brother used to carry about four of those around with them...that's the type that most kids use as a security blanket. It's also the type they first receive at the hospital...hence the name ^-^

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    on any rate some good baby blankies are made from fleece so try that to.

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