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Thread: 4th of July Weekend

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    Cool 4th of July Weekend

    What's everyone doing over the 4th of July Weekend?

    Personally: Going to a concert tonight, helping a friend move and seeing family tomorrow (maybe partying a little Saturday night, parents gone ) and then going to family friend's house for the 4th.

    How about you?

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    I am going to do some party-hopping between family and friend's homes. Eat barbecue, drink beer, detonate explosives. Just the usual stuff.

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    I'm heading to my parent's house. Going to the parade downtown in the morning, going to a cook out during the day, and back downtown at night for the fireworks........and I have Monday off. I'm VERY excited for this weekend.

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    Today: Watching Germany beating Argentina's hairy asses.
    Tomorrow: Hoping for colder weather!

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    Saturday, going to the Cleveland Indians game in Cleveland, Ohio... I snagged a tix to the game, and I am off on Sunday cause where I work is CLOSED! Last year, we were open on the 4th of July cause of the Heritage Festival. However, I don't have to work it!!!! YES!!!!!

    I can't wait to go to the game, I got a gift card for the Indians on my birthday last year and I want to use it at the stadium and buy something for a friend of mine's kid. He's trying to raise his kids the right way- Cleveland fans. Plus, I wanna buy something for my niece. Plus, there's a fireworks show at the stadium! So it will be F-U-N!

    I wanna wish everyone a happy, and safe 4th of July weekend!


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    Today (Saturday) I'll be playing catch up on some work from the week, and cleaning the house. Tomorrow, who knows. I'm reminded of a clip from The Simpsons... "What better way to celebrate the birth of your nation than by blowing up a small part of it." Of course this was before 9/11 when simply hinting at blowing stuff up became a capital offense.

    Who knows, I might hit one of the explosive stands and see if anything jumps out at me.

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    going to be babysittind while working on my manga

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    I'm at my parents house for the weekend, I went to my friend's house last night. Watched Red White and Boom on TV last night. Today, just sort of hanging around, watching some TV. Tomorrow going to family's house, gonna watch a parade, cookout and go swimming. Monday, starting to pack stuff (i'm moving), and go to the gym.
    Overall, a good looking weekend in store.

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    I'll spend the weekend with just the wife. I'll be cooking out on the grill. Part of my family is at the lake house in Canada. Our daughter and family will probably go out on their boat at Smith Mt. Lake, and our other son is nursing his dog which just got operated on. Sadly they found a very aggressive form of cancer, so we've been dealing with that. I will have had better 4th's.

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    Fireworks with some friends tonight and a BBQ on Monday (long weekend for most of us here).

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