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Thread: What would you do if you can jump(teleport)[from the movie Jumper]

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    Question What would you do if you can jump(teleport)[from the movie Jumper]

    What would you do?

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    Well couldn't you only "jump" to the places you already been or seen in a post card or am I thinking of Night Crawler in X-man 2?

    Anyways if I could I would be at all the sporting games I want to go to. I'd just warp in a bathroom stall or stairwell. I'd warp to see my family all the time. I'd warp to dinsey world and anything else I could think of.

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    Well the first thing I would do is read the book, Jumper, because the book was excellent and one of the best things I have ever read.

    Mainly I would steal pointless things and put them in pointless places.

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    I'd teleport to places...

    I don't know. I'd quit learning to drive and throw away my bus pass.
    And throw away my passport.

    I'd save loads of money on transport, it would be awesome.

    I'd probably learn every martial art I could find, and then enter competitions and then teleport behind my opponent and kick ass.

    I'd learn to fly! Which would be possible by teleporting to a really high point, falling, and then teleporting again...

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    Interstellar exploration =D I wouldn't really know where to start though...

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    i'd teleport to the internet. i think that would be the weirdest trip ever just floating through all the information and web pages and such....
    i really should get out more...

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    I'd be able to visit my family a lot more.

    Oh and meet people I have always wanted to.
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    What you see in the movie. Banks and shit.

    Jump here.
    And here.
    Here. ................
    Ooo... Here too...........................
    .................Here looks good too.

    And here.

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    I would vist ever TB/DL/AB and babyfur/furry I know and give them all hugs

    Then steal a hell lot of diapers

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