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    Lightbulb Hello every body

    I live in the united states, in the state of Maine. I am twenty three years old. I am not really good at socializing, but am interested in computers and trying to fix electronics even though most of the time I end up making the problem worse before I get the problem straightened out. I recently started having a problem with wetting the bed again, and I started wearing diapers at night even though my mom doesn't like the Idea. I knew she wouldn't, and she wouldn't stop asking me what I ordered off the internet until I told her. By the time I got up the courage to tell her I sent her a link on bedwetting, and she asked me if I was having that problem and I told her yes, and she started guessing what I ordered by the time I told I was in tears. I also saw my doctor and he reffered me to a urologist but the urologist scheduled my appointment three month in advance and then a week ago sent me a letter rescheduling it again for another month.

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    Hey. Thanks for sharing! I like working with computers too, but I can get real sick of things not working when they should be really quickly.

    Did you have interest in diapers before you started bed-wetting, or did you just kinda start thinking about them when your problem started?

    That urologist must be really popular....

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