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Thread: How do you pick up a package from UPS?

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    Default How do you pick up a package from UPS?

    I want to order from Northshore Care Supply. I can't have it shipped to my house, and I heard that the UPS will hold a package for you. How does that work exactly? I couldn't find anything that mentions that service on their website. Then again I am bad at finding things on the internet.
    How do I set it up so that the package is sent to them and I just come by and pick it up?

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    I'd try to just ask them and see what ya have to do if anything

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    That is what I will probably have to do. I want to see if anyone knows how it works, so I won't be clueless.

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    Your best bet is to visit, find a store near you, and then email them asking if they will perform that service. When I did so the manager emailed me back within a day, and gave me all the instructions and pricing.

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