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    Default Heyya.

    I'm new... (surprise, suprise) Generally a quiet ol' thing. Been in the background of the *b/dl community for a little bit. I'm up in the Houston area, and it's awesome (and so are the people!). Anyways, I generally just chill with friends and play some random games here and there. Not really too too talkative, but, when hanging with the right people I can chatter.

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    hi and welcome
    geting alot of new people recently

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    you sound alot like me . Welcome to adisc, im new here too but so far its a pretty nice place. if you want to meet people here the best way to do it would be to go to the chat room.

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    Hello, and welcome! I'm Scritcher, or Syd. Enjoy yourself here!

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    Well, welcome Mizu3. It took me a long time of lurking about myself before I decide to actually talk to people. I'm an extrovert normally myself but this part of me wasn't something I felt comfortable sharing with anyone. Hopefully you will feel accepted here and will be able to participate here. We'd love to have you!

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