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Thread: Girlfriend is babyfur

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    Default Girlfriend is babyfur

    My girlfriend has come out of the closet as babyfur a few days ago. I was thrilled at the idea. She really likes the feeling that she is being taken care of. even to the point of wearing childish clothes and hugging a teddy bear, thumb sucking etc. In one of our conversations I brought up putting her in diapers, she seems to have mixed thoughts about them. when I first bring it up, she seems completely against the thought and refuses. After a few minutes of conversation she shows interest, then quickly changes the subject or stops talking completely. I think she is just nervous or embarrassed. I'm not sure what to do. I could use some advice.

    by the way, she does not know that I like diapers or have interest in babyfur myself.

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    could always replace her undies with nappies while she is in the shower/bath and she what she does

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    Maybe you could mention to her that you also share similar interests?

    You could use that as an opportunity to describe what diapers mean to you. However, keep in mind that you must respect your girlfriend's limits. If she feels uncomfortable wearing diapers, then don't push the subject onto her; let her come to you, if/when she is ready.

    Regardless, I think it would be really important for you to share your side with her. With everything on the table, it will be easier to discuss what makes each of you happy. From there, you could "negotiate" and consider other possibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPurple View Post
    could always replace her undies with nappies while she is in the shower/bath and she what she does
    I'm guessing she'll be annoyed whether she likes diapers or not. I mean boyfriend has just stolen all of her underwear which would annoy anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikrit View Post
    tell her

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    by the way, she does not know that I like diapers or have interest in babyfur myself.
    I'm surprised you didn't tell her when she came out to you. Is there a reason why you haven't?

    I suggest that you not bring the subject up for a few days. If she was afraid you'd react poorly, it'll be good for her to see that things haven't gone weird. Also, too much pressure can be a turnoff.

    Leave it to her to bring up cub play again. When she does, let her know that you're interested in it too, and would like to explore it when she's ready. Let her cub out with you, and take care of her. It's important that she knows you're okay with this, and that she is comfortable showing that side to you. Lots of tummyrubs will help.

    Don't bring up diapers until you're sure she feels secure cubbing with you. It won't take long. When she is, let her know that you're still very interested in diapers, and that you have been for some time, but haven't had someone to try it with. Go into this gently. If she isn't enthusiastic, it might be because wearing one would make her feel embarrassed and vulnerable. Ask her if she'd be okay with you wearing one. She doesn't have to fear being made fun of when you're the one in the compromising position.

    Then just see where it goes from there.

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    Unless you feel apprehensive about it for some reason, it would probably help your relationship to share your story as well. You could use that opportunity to discuss the boundaries, fears, etc. that each of you have about this and hopefully come to consensus on where to go from here. It sounds like maybe she doesn't want you to roleplay in the way you suggested and that might be because she's just not interested in it, is fearful about it, etc. Make sure she knows she can be herself around you and that you won't do anything that goes beyond her wishes and likewise with you. It sounds like the beginnings of something good, I don't think you can really blow it and the best option I feel is to be open to each other with what I have read about this here.

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    definately tell her about how like all the stuff she likes too and she might not belive you at first (mine didnt) but if you prove it and explain how diapers add to the experience she might go along with it

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    I ended up getting diapers for her even though she wasnt to happy about it. now we are both in diapers and having fun! we talked about it for a little while and she is 100% ok with it! I am so thrilled.

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