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Thread: I'm going back to class

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    Default I'm going back to class

    OK I was gong to blog this but i gas my rep is so bad i can't Evan do that.As you all know my spelling and grammar is not all that great.
    So I gone out and found a class that helps adults like me.
    it's a one on one class it's run by a nice old lady who yest to be a english teacher she charge $50 Avery two week's it's a great dill if you ask me.
    I hope it well help and in time I hope you all well think of me as a member and a friend.

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    Good for you man, I hope it works out well for you! Being able to communicate effectively is definitely helpful in most things in life. Hopefully it will turn around your rep score soon too.

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    I'm glad you've managed to find some help Matt, it can be a big step for people to admit they need extra help, but it seems like you've managed to make the leap.

    Good luck with the classes, and I hope they help you. Onwards and Upwards!!

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    thank you and I well give it a 100 and 10% wish me luck

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    Good luck with your classes, I got a bad case of dyslexia myself. It took me years of extra lessons as a kid to get me at a decent level again before I started with Highschool. Now I'm a third year bachelor student at one of the better universities in the Netherlands. I was told, "If the gab gets big, make sure you can jump far enough." Again, good luck....

    btw how can you even get a better or worse reputation :P ?

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    Good for you. The only losers are those who don't try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Recommended reading for your class:

    Every time I read his posts I think of that book. Am I a bad person?
    Argh. What a sad book. : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zowie19 View Post
    how can you even get a better or worse reputation :P ?
    Post nice constructive things that people will appreciate. If people feel helped and generous, then they will add a point to your reputation.

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