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Thread: How exactly do incontinent people wet?

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    Default How exactly do incontinent people wet?

    I've heard incontinence people just dribble into diapers and they rarely flood it. So I'm just curious as to how most incontinent people are? It's out of curioustiy because I've wanted to simulate incontinence and see if goodnites would hold "dribble" ya know? and I want to be "incontinent" for a day.... I'm just trying to see how it is like and how much of a hassle it'll be.

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    I'm happy to be corrected here as i'm not incontinent, but it is not possible to simulate IC (unless cathetered which I wouldn't do). The reason an IC person 'dribbles' is because the muscles controlling the urine leaving the bladder do not function, so as soon as any urine enters the bladder it is not held, but leaves the bladder. Obviously urine isn't produced in 'floods' but as a gradual flow.

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    Probably best compared to a leaky faucet sorta. I don't have personal experience but I'd gather it depends a bit as some still have some kinda control and stuff. You really can't make yourself incontinent for a day without putting yourself at a little risk. There's probably a reasonable way to get some kind of simulation with your diet temporarily but I think that leads more to a flooding situation instead of a trickling situation. But that's probably the safest you could at least feel a little helpless which is what it sounds like you're looking for.

    BTW I'm pretty sure goodnights would hold a dribble if it can hold a wetting!

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    It all depends on what type of incontinence you are discussing.

    A: Stress incontinence: When sneezing, laughing, etc., the bladder muscles are unable to hold and leak a small amount of urine out

    B. Urge incontinence: When the bladder gets the full signal, it cuts loose and empties contents

    C: Total incontinence: No muscle control or bladder control at all, constant small stream of urine is passed from kidneys through bladder and out

    D: Functional incontinence: Normally would be able to have full control, but due to physical limitations (inability to move from bed, etc.) unable to make it to bathroom before loss of control

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    My ex had incontinence from being in a car accident and he injured his back. He peed in flows. He had no feeling down there.

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    I have had total incontinence pretty much my whole life. It is pretty much a faucet that keeps going.I have no fealing from the waist down and have worn diapers to control
    the problem

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    To answer your question, you are correct it happens rather slowly and your bladder simply keeps itself empty, its not really a dribble as much as its just a little here and little there. Only a few times a week do I ever noticed that I suddenly need to change quickly to avoid a leak. There is no way to induce this so good luck trying.
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    I would think the only way to induce this is to catheterize yourself for several months and so you would have a few days of incontinence when you stop it. This could be harmful so I do not suggest you try it.
    This only works with foley catheters as it stays in between the muscles constantly. I do warn Do NOT try this as it can lead to injury or even death from urinary tract infection or kidney infection.

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    yeah what i'd suggest is use a catheter or something to do with your diet

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    Analog - you left out Overflow incontinence.

    dragsnick - there are several differnet kinds of incontinence and there is also "mixed" which usually means a combo of stress and urge. Mine is "mixed" but is nerve damage with malformed bladder that is more urge/overflow *which is more a total but i hate to call it that*. basically it depends on my position and fluid intake.
    laying down - dribble/trickle.
    sitting to standing - flood. mostly when i stand up after a while but if i sit for a while then i can flood/leak an ATN.
    walking - is a dribble
    standing- dribble to stream

    I can understand the 'fantasy' of wanting to be incon but the reality is something very different.

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    If you do get your paws on a cath - you better be VERY careful with it.

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