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    How many out there that is in a relationship and the other person is nice about whatever reason your wearing a diaper but you still are hinting to them about wanting to be babied and are dying for them to be cool with it.
    and are you getting anywhere with it and how?

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    I just flat out told him, he knew about the diapering, then slowly led up and explained my infantilism to him as well. He's cool with it, says he likes seeing me be made happy and he thinks I look cute doing it to. P: Just try sitting them down and saying it?

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    My GF and i are both TB/DL
    We are both more and more getting involved with ageplay and diapers.

    I belive that it has strengthened our relationship

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    I once had a relationship (a "Friends With Benefits" situation) that I confessed my ABDLism to. This was about a decade ago. That was not entirely his scene, but he did admit he found that made me somewhat more attractive to him - I was a type who wanted to be sexually dominated, and he was the type who wanted to sexually dominate.

    He actually was a very great guy, one of the only two people I have had relations with that I do not now regret. He currently is in a relationship with someone who is right for him, and I am seriously happy for him, even if the days of play between us are now long over.

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    I wonder if it is easier telling a girl or a boy about this. Does anyone have an opinion on the matter or is it more a case by case thing.

    There are a number of people on this forum who are very happy to share their great relationship where they are open about diapers. I have to imagine that there are people who read these threads and wonder "what if" because it backfired on them.

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    newDI- I think it's tough to tell ANYONE, unbiased of gender :P haha

    And I've told my girlfriend and she's fine with it

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    Things are a bit easier when you meet your partner on this forum >.>

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    With concern to what happens when your partner is not ok with it... I consider a couple of scenarios when a partner isn't accepting, when the relationship is poor in the first place, or they really do have a strong aversion to it. I've had a number of partners all where told after some time, they all accepted it and all involved themselves some more than others. Point being when you are in a happy healthy relationship it's natural to want to please your partner, I'm willing to bet everyone here would do something for someone they love that they never thought they would.

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    Ah, a telling the bf/gf thread. These are always tricky. I think you need to use your emotional radar in cases like these. Ask yourself some general questions. How is the relationship going? Are you both open and honest about everything else in your lives? If you are still hesitant about telling each other everything, and I mean everything, or still fib on occasion, this is not something to bring up. You have to have a stable, solid, healthy base before dropping a bomb like this. IF you think you have such a foundation, then you MIGHT want to bring it up slowly if you have a pretty open minded partner.

    But seriously, you need to be sure your relationship is stable. You should have been dating for a long while at least. Not something to bring up too soon. And slow is better. Test the waters a bit.

    Some personal experience for you all (this is rare...I'm not usually in a personal life sharing mood, but it's been a fairly good day). No embellishment, no fantasy, just the facts. Take it for what it's worth.

    I haven't been in many relationships. At present, I have been fortunate enough to have been with someone for a fair while whom I care for deeply. Something I never experienced before in a relationship has helped me learn more about myself and perhaps made this easier.

    If I get close enough to someone, my less reserved, more innocent and playful side surfaces. This surprised the heck out of me when it happened, since I usually guard that side of me with my life. The fact that he indulged this part of me baffled me further. He thought it was cute, different than my usual outward appearance.

    So when I would get like this, he would get more, I dunno, cuddly and protective around me. Made me feel all fuzzy and warm. And I'm not talking some fantasy ab story where he inexplicably pulls out diapers and baby clothes from nowhere and starts babying me. If you are expecting that from someone in reality, I would suggest trying to balance your fantasies and reality a little more Plus, believe it or not, that would have been super awkward for me as well. But I digress.

    Just little things like tickling me, extra cuddles, and doing the tummy raspberry things which would cause me to roll around the floor in hysterical laughter afterwards, which is why I think he did it, since I used to rarely laugh. So after a little bit I opened up more about things. He knows now that I like being little. And he's cool with that.

    I have one of those footed sleepers I wear to bed that he thinks is adorable. He even reads me bedtime stories on occasion. Not all the time, but once in a while. He even took me into the kids section of a store and bought me a sippy cup since I had mentioned it offhand as one of those joke but not really things, dragging a shocked and bewildered, red-faced me all the way to the checkout, saying I was being silly and no one was going to know it was for me. He even let me go in to full on little kid mode one night and treated me perfectly and I mean 100% like a kid.

    As far as diapers go, well I joke about them with him. Joke about wetting myself. I'm 100% sure he knows I at least like to think about wetting myself to feel little and 80% sure he knows I at least wouldn't mind wearing diapers from time to time. But I feel that's not his thing and I'm ok with that. He also doesn't know I have diapers I don't think, but like I said, that's not his thing so I'm not going to force that. In the general scheme of things, it's not that important, but I suppose everyone feels differently about it.

    You have to have a feel for your relationship and let things progress as they will. Don't force anything, it won't help. He knows about little me and has been absolutely wonderful about it. I couldn't ask for anything more.

    So take that story for what it's worth. Diapers are a tricky thing. Save that for last and work up to it. If you are not only a DL and have a little side, act a more like your little self, in small increments, and see how they react to it and go from there. That's all the advice I can give you.

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    Hehe, sometimes you´re legal with your partner, but if is false, like my last, for alot to love him/her It´ll not work. I was with some girl about three years, when we´ve been together about year and half, so I revelated my AB part. And there started some problems, which finaly destroyed our relation. And I was sure, that she´ll be comprensive with this, but... Sometimes we are so shorts in our vision and that of course bring consequences. Which, so imagine, it´s really cruel story. Enuogh with her strange new friendships with cristian fanatics and nazis, this I can´t support, like her diazapam food. And she´s very cruel with our doughter too. If I could, I send her to some specialist, because turn from punk to this ultra in less than one year seems like some mental problem. This person feels necesary to revenge of all the life, so bad luck I had. And this monster wants to be called psychologist.
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